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In a previous post, I urged Zionists not to get upset about legitimate criticism of Israel.

I also mentioned that there are a lot of Israel-bashers out there who automatically spit venom at everything Israeli, and this is for them.

If you’re an angry anti-Zionist who has never lived in the Middle East, if you value Palestinian life and dignity, and wish for them an independent Palestine, and you find yourself offended by what I’m about to say, then I have the perfect solution for you: think it through, and stop being used.

Your morals are probably decent and intact, but they’ve been hijacked.

I don’t think you’re anti-Semitic, and I don’t think you have a problem with Jews. (Correct me if I’m wrong.) I just think you haven’t thought it through.

Every time the Palestinian leaders see you condemning Israel, you give them hope that maybe they can destroy Israel after all, instead of making peace. And so they get their people killed for the cameras. For you.

They’re not trying to establish a state in peace. That’s easy: they can do that any time they like. The PA and Hamas don’t want a state of their own – they want to destroy Israel, and most of the time, they don’t even try to hide it.

They know they can’t destroy Israel with a military invasion, and they think they can destroy Israel by political means. The media war is now more important for them than any real war, but slogans aren’t enough to dismantle Israel’s legitimacy, and to strip her of her right to continue existing. That depends on your outrage.

They know that without your support, they’ll have to settle for a peaceful, independent, autonomous state of their own alongside Israel. They’ll have to settle for less than the destruction of Israel.

The Pallywood propagandists need dead bodies, Palestinian bodies, to fuel the condemnation that they believe will destroy Israel by political means.

Instead of trying to ensure Palestinian rights, they’re trying to ensure Israeli wrongs, which their strategy relies on.

So they provoke Israel – with rockets, missiles, mortars, grenades, shootings, stabbing, bombings and car rammings. It doesn’t get much coverage in the West, and no outrage, until the IDF does something to try to stop it.

Then, as soon as the propagandists have a child’s ragged corpse to parade around with, they’re happier than Oscar winners with a nose full of coke.

Clicking, sharing and liking all those anti-Israel messages is the coke up their nose, and Palestinian propagandists are addicted.

You might as well chalk a message on an Israeli air force missile saying, “To Palestine, with love. Sorry I didn’t think it through.”

They’re getting a lot of competition — migrants, Daesh, climate change – so they need to find a way to keep your attention focused on dead Palestinians. For that, they need dead Palestinians.

It’s weaponised snuff porn, turned against Israel.

Israel is currently suffering from an intifada, with individual stabbers having a go, randomly and suddenly. Israelis are being hacked to death with knives, up close and personal, while they’re on their way to work. The IDF isn’t performing any big dramatic retaliations, and so there’s not much coverage in the West, and no outrage.

It will need to get worse before you start to see Israel taking measures that will outrage you. Palestinian religious and political leaders are doing their best to make it worse, urging their followers to stab again, stab more, stab in groups, stab their way to Paradise.

If and when they finally succeed in pimping a really big, photogenic response from the IDF, I really hope you won’t be marching about with any more of those big silly banners saying, “We Are All Hamas Now” and “From The River To The Sea”.

So what can you do with your outrage, and your concern for Palestinian lives?

Direct your anger at the Palestinian leaders, and say something else instead. Something like, “Palestine, Grow Up.”

Tell them to stop the incitement. To stop urging their population to martyr their kids.

They know very well that they can have peace any time they want it, so tell them you know, too, and tell them you know that they know.

Tell them you won’t be used.

Tell them they’ll never have a Palestine that stretches from the river to the sea; that the Palestine they can have will be next to Israel, not instead of it.

Tell them they won’t get it by attacking Israel and then complaining when the Israel Defence Forces defend Israel with force. Tell them to grow up, if they want to let their country grow up.

Tell them to stop educating their kids to hate, to stop the TV shows featuring cute Palestinian kids singing cute songs of jihad and Jew-slaughter. Tell them to stop hanging gays from lampposts and encouraging kids to poke the corpses with sticks.

Tell them to stop forcing their kids to dig terror tunnels.

When 33 adults in Chile were trapped down a mine, you watched and prayed. But what about the more than 100 Palestinian kids who’ve died underground, digging terror tunnels?

Tell the Palestinian people to never again vote for gangster dictators who throw their children into mines. Who terrorise them even more than they terrorise Israel.

Tell them to stop being the wolves who cry wolf, because you’re not buying it any more.

As soon as that becomes the dominant message from the West, we might have a chance of something approximating peace.

So why wait for it to get worse? Start saying it now.

Tell them their strategy’s not working.

You might save lives.

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An adman, IDF soldier, start-up entrepreneur and investor, creativity coach and anthropologist. Proudly British by birth, proudly Israeli by choice. Reasonably sane.
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