Killing in God’s name

I’ve never being able to understand how can anyone justify killing another person just for different religious beliefs.

But what I really don’t understand, what shocks me the most, is, how can people kill “in the name of God.”?

These people have completely missed the point and message of God. They have it all painfully WRONG.

God didn’t create life in order to be destroyed-“He” created it to be lived.

Imagine you work in a company, and your boss asks you to go around the city and smile to every single person that crosses your way so that you can make their day a better one. What you do instead is go and start cursing and punching every single person that crosses your way.

That’s the complete opposite of what you were supposed to do, and the only reason you were in that place where you hurt all that people, was because your boss (the one who wanted you to make people happier, and not miserable like you did) sent you there. What you would be doing in that case, is the complete opposite of what your boss hired you to do.

This isn’t about who is right and who is wrong; although if some people are so arrogant as to believe that they have all the answers and that they have the right to kill anybody just because they think differently, I can say with full confidence that they are on the wrong track.

What this is really about is about opening our eyes and realize the beauty of life. About realizing that our one and only God, no mattering what you call “him” (be it “Hashem”, “Allah”, “Jesus”, “Buddha”, “Science”, whatever it is) glorifies and loves life; contrary to this Hamas’ video in which they state “We love death more than you love life”.

This is about realizing that if anybody is willing to kill “in the name of God” it is only because they actually lack faith in their beliefs; otherwise, they wouldn’t mind what people says (it works the same way in our personal lives; we only aggressively react when confronted with our insecurities).

This is about realizing that if they are willing to kill, it is because when they see something different to their beliefs they feel threatened that their whole believe system may tear into pieces and they have the need to feel powerful and in control in order to reaffirm their beliefs. So they kill those challenging, questioning or simply not following their beliefs.

This is about realizing that God wants us to be kind with one another, to help one another, to smile, to pursue the truth together in a civilized manner, to lower our egos, to start emulating “him”, to give, to dance, to play, to enjoy,  to realize that at the end of the day we are all one.

This is about realizing that to kill in the name of God is the same as to eat chicken in the name of Vegetarianism.

To kill in the name of God

About the Author
Alan is originally from Mexico City where he lived until he was 20 years old. He was raised in a conservative-reform household. Alan moved to New York City when he was 20 years old to study Political Science at Yeshiva University. Just prior to that, he spent six months in Israel on a MASA program. Alan’s dream is to one day make Aliyah and to work for the Israeli Government so that he can help his home (Israel) and his fellow Jews all over the world.
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