Sam Litvin

King Bibi, It’s Time To Step Down, For Israel

King Bibi, you have been king for a long time. But your reign has come to an end, you are no longer king. Your party received less than 25% of the vote, in two elections. You are no longer king maker.  You cannot convince the people in the country, you cannot convince the people in Knesset and you cannot convince foreign leaders. I’m sorry to say, you are no longer relevant.

You are not irrelevant, but you have shown yourself today to be able to do little for Israel and to not gain anything of substance from UN, from United States or from Russia. You cannot even get a young Israeli girl out of a Russian jail. You have corruption scandals, you have an out of control son and a wife with crimes of her own and many other troubles of her own.

You take credit for the amazing things that the 9 million Israelis have accomplished during your reign, our economy is not just you, our success in the world is not all you. However, what do you do not do is take ownership for the failures that you are responsible for, like the threat from Iran, the poverty rate, the education status, the housing issues. You have become very wealthy, but you are no longer a leader, it is time to step down.

Bibi, you were the leader of Israel, but you had two elections, and in neither one, could you form a coalition. You have put pressure on Palestinians, without result, you have lowered yourself to paying off Hamas for quiet, that they earn every 6 months by shooting rockets at Tel Aviv, forcing you to run for shelter in Ashdod. Bibi, you are no longer a king, step down.

Step down with your scandals and your lack of leadership, step down with your record length reign, step down before it gets worse.

Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Minister of Defense, King Bibi, step down, you are doing yourself and Israel no good. If not for yourself, step down for Israel. Let a new leader make decisions, let a new leader make mistakes, let the country continue without you.

Children of Israel have grown up, only knowing you as the Prime Minister and your divisive but effective politics. Adults, barely remember an era before you. Bibi, be a good leader of the country, and if you love it, let it go. Let Israel enter a new era, a dangerous era, as we now have to deal with a nuclear Iran on our doorstep, a divided country thanks to you, and Jewish extremists living in Palestine.  But don’t worry, it is a country that we the people, Arab and Jewish, can manage. We are a strong people, we are a strong nation, we are not defined by one person, we do not need a father or a savior. We do not need to feel that we “have someone in Washington” or “someone in Moscow”. What we need is someone here, in Jerusalem, who will navigate the new challenges and the old, for that, you are not the man.

Step down Bibi, it has been long enough. Step down, if not for you, then for Israel.

About the Author
Sam Livin was born in Soviet Union and grew up in San Diego. In 2012, he travelled the world photographing Jewish communities publishing a book called "Your Story Our Sipur." Today he continues to write about Israel and Judaism as he lives and studies business and ecology in Tel Aviv.
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