Knife-wielding terrorism is the fraternal twin of ISIS

Yesterday Israel counted four more people killed by terrorism. A never ending wave of terror in parallel with that of Paris carries on the continuous torture that in the last few weeks has claimed 18 lives and has injured 350 in 1500 episodes of terror implemented through the streets of Jerusalem and throughout Israel using knives, guns, explosions and cars hurled top speed against pedestrians.

Today the list islengthened with another four names. Two were knifed at the entrance to asynagogue in the metropolitan scenario of Tel Aviv, another in Gush Etzion, oneaged 25 and another 50, and 10 injured.

The absolute randomness of the attacks becomes clear when one looks at the immense difference between the chosen targets: people of Tel Aviv going to synagogue for the evening prayer, and two automobile drivers queuing on a roadnear Alon Shvut, in the Gush Etzion Territories.

The attackers weren’t at allinterested in the identity of their victims but for their being Israelis, because terrorism is random: all that is required is that they be Jewish, just like in Paris what mattered was that they were westerner: French. Jews, Christians,imperialists, oppressors, corrupt infidels…

The casual selection of the victims, in Israel’s most western city, or in the settlements,is typical of contemporary terrorism, whether it be Daesh or Hamas or aPalestinian terrorist movement. For terrorists, the people they kill, just likethose in Paris, or London, or Madrid, or Toulouse, or Brussels, are flagsplanted in the soil of their domination plan that, in the first phase, is expressed in the confusion it manages to disseminate, in the populations thatlose their confidence in the established powers and prefer to stay home than tolive their normal life; and in the second phase, aim to an actual domination that in Israel’s case consists in the expulsion of the Jews from Israel and, inthe West, in increasingly wider space for the caliphate.

Let’s make not mistake: according to Daesh, or ISIS, the attacks in Canada or in France are already marking the borders of the Islamic State, just like the Palestinian attacks in Israel signals their aim of making it become a part of the dominion of Islam.

Two days ago, Israel outlawed the northern Islamic Movement of the Sheikh Ra’adSalah, froze its funds and closed its offices, a move Netanyahu accompanied with reassurances to Muslims that they are accepted and respected.

The Israeli Cabinet’s decision, however, is based on the belief that an organization that flanks terrorism must be prevented from disseminating its seed. It’s a widestruggle. Lately, ISIS, in a video posted on Monday, launched a campaign ofincitement of Palestinians to attack Israeli people wherever and whoever theyare, while in six videos their preachers invite to kill the infidels whileshowing knifing attacks streaming in the background.

A video going by the title”Return terrorism to the Jews ” expresses the typical attitude where by here Israel and there the West are accused of offences to the Muslim world as the cause of terrorism.

Indeed, it has been calculated that the ranks of the Daesh include about 200Palestinians; the numbers are greater in Gaza, while in the West Bank most Palestinians reject it, but certainly thanks to the current wave of extremism thousands are being inspired by the group’s Islamist ideology.

The inconsiderate use by the Palestinian Autonomy of the lie about Israel wanting to occupy the Al Aqsa Mosque inspires the kind of Islamism that leads young people to terrorism. The wave of knife attacks is an attempt to imitate ISISand its beheadings.

The attack on places sacred to the Jews, such as the fireset to the to Tomb of Joseph, mimics other attacks on other sacred sites. Israelis used to responding to terrorism since the 1920’s, way before the problem ofthe Territories arose. But the rest of the world is not used to taking care ofterror against Israel. The state of the Jews has always been left to itself totackle it while it took the punch for everyone else.


This article originally appeared in slightly different form in Italian in Il Giornale (November 20, 2015)

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Fiamma Nirenstein is a journalist, author, former Deputy President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and member of the Italian delegation at the Council of Europe.
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