Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


Biden is reportedly slowing weapon shipments to Israel, and is working hard to try to stop Israel from destroying Hamas. World leaders are telling Israel to ceasefire immediately and permanently. Mainstream media are screaming against Israel. Antisemitism is on full display at college campuses and elsewhere.

“The One in Heaven laughs.” (Psalms 2; 4)

G-d, Who creates everything every second, (without which everything would revert to nothingness) just laughs.

Every blade of grass, every rock, every bird and insect and animal, all the seas and oceans, every human being, all constantly need G-d’s life-force to exist.

When we open our eyes to the marvellous beauty and complexity of our planet and the entire universe, and we ponder where it all came from, and we realize that it all comes from G-d, every single second, then we think differently about what we do and what we say.

And we realize that “the Guardian of Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers” (Psalm 121; 4) as He protects Israel and blesses our efforts and the efforts of Israel’s soldiers with abundant success.

G-d exists. Our lives have purpose. Redemption is close.

Israel will be triumphant. Because when enemies rant and rave, G-d just laughs and protects His chosen nation.

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