Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


Biden is yelling at Netanyahu, and at his campaign to destroy Hamas. Schumer is yelling at Netanyahu. Jewish personalities are yelling at Netanyahu. World leaders are yelling at Israel. Palestinian protesters are supporting Hamas.

It doesn’t matter. Because Israel realizes now, that there is no choice. Hamas must be destroyed.

But what about Biden and the others? Doesn’t Israel need them?

Israel needs G-d. The rest will fit in.

In the second chapter in Psalms, it states: “Why are nations tumulting, and the peoples protest for nought … The One Who dwells in heaven will laugh, G-d scoffs at them.”

The nations of the world can scream and shout all they want. It’s all emptiness, nothing worth. Because G-d Almighty runs the show.

Netanyahu is standing strong, refusing to give in to demands for a permanent ceasefire.

Thirty-nine years ago, on Simchat Torah, the Lubavitcher Rebbe spoke to Netanyahu for fourty-five minutes, while thousands of Chassidim waited. And the Rebbe told Netanyahu, that the United Nations is a house of darkness and lies. But, the Rebbe said, when you hold up a candle in a dark place, the light of the candle can be seen from very far away.

Netanyahu is holding up a light, so that the entire world sees that Israel is fighting a just war, a war that must be fought, for the sake of all humanity.

And this light of truth that Netanyahu is holding up, is being seen worldwide.

Thirty-nine years ago, on Simchat Torah, (a day when, thirty-nine years later, Israel would be attacked in a devastating way) the Lubavitcher Rebbe gave Netanyahu the key, the way to go forward — even if the whole world, in their darkness and lies, object; and especially then. Because in a place of darkness and lies, the entire world will see the light of truth.

Netanyahu is standing strong. The Jewish nation is united and persevering. G-d is helping us, and the entire world sees it.

We will survive and thrive. And the entire world will acknowledge G-d’s rulership.

May it happen very soon.

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