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L’Chaim for Body and Soul

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There is a surge in the trifecta of respiratory illnesses (COVID, flu, and RSV) going around this winter. Almost everyone I know is getting sick, and it’s not mild, but it seems to penetrate deep into the lungs and comes with some significant fever, coughing, congestion, and muscle aches.

Today is day 4 since I got sick, and I haven’t felt this bad since I don’t remember when. It’s completely knocked me off my feet, and I’ve had to put a full stop on everything. Unfortunately, this has included a lot of my regular Jewish rituals, including putting on tefillin (phylacteries), davening (praying), and saying Tehillim (Psalms). I just haven’t felt well enough.

Finally, today, the fever seems to have broken, and I am so grateful to Hashem. I’m still sick, but perhaps I am over the worst of it—we’ll see. The wonderful thing that I wanted to share was from my wife, who told me two things this morning:

  1. It’s time to give some Tzedakah—”charity saves from the evil decree.”
  2. Even if you’re not well enough to put on tefillin and daven standing up, you can daven today sitting down.

She was right on both accounts!

I appreciate not only how she cared for me physically the last several days I was sick, but also how she encouraged me spiritually to get back on my feet.

Everything that happens in this world has not only a physical dimension but a spiritual one as well. Our very existence is a combination of body and soul, so naturally they work together in tandem. And our physical well-being must be matched by our spiritual alignment with God.

Getting sick is never any fun, but I feel that from the illness, I also received wonderful love and care from my wife and children, and the encouragement not only to take care and get well physically but to reattach myself to G-d for spiritual healing.

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