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Leadership Talk with William A. Amankwah

There is a growing interest in trade between Israel and Ghana.  The Embassy Of Israel In Ghana notes that Mr. Shay Rinsky, the Director-General of the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry recently met with H. E. Dr. Mahamud Bawumia, Ghana’s Vice President to discuss possible ways of enhancing the trade and economic ties between Israel and​ Ghana. 

The Times of Israel has recently covered the trend Trade instead of aid? As export markets shrink, Israel looks to the developing world.  The World Bank describes Ghana’s economic expansion as “…Non-oil growth was also strong at 6.0%. The relatively high quarterly growth was driven by a strong recovery in the services sector which grew by 7.2%….”   

Who are the people behind Ghana’s economic expansion?    

William A. Amankwah is the founder of Awa Roofing Sheets Company Limited specializing in the roofing and steel metal structure industry.  He is currently developing Liberia’s first Roofing Sheet Production Project. He is also the President of The Akuapem-Ridge Rotary Club in Ghana.  

Mr. Kelvin William Ampofo, President of Ghana Association of Roofing Manufacturing Companies notes that “In terms of shaping the roofing industry and giving insight as to where we are today, William A. Amankwah may not be a household name. But, in his time, he made important contributions to the roofing industry in Ghana and beyond.  Members of the Ghana Association of Roofing Manufacturing Companies (GARMC) are aware of the fact that William is someone in the roofing industry who has made significant contributions to our industry. But, many may not be aware of what his contributions were. William has been a great pillar and a great asset to this industry. He is the founder of Awa Roofing Sheets Company and an astute entrepreneur who has been a consultant to countless Roofing Manufacturing companies and projects within Ghana and beyond, in relation to top technical issues from factory planning to product designs, including machine consulting and complete setting up of Roofing Manufacturing Factories.”

What are the keys to your success? 

I am a confident and positive individual who takes immense pride in my work.  I am passionate about roofing because I want to produce high levels of quality and service in the building and steel structure industry and maintaining high morale within the workplace and personal relationships.

I did it through the following

  1. Building and maintaining personal relationships
  2. Producing a high level of quality and service
  3. Constantly striving for improvement and sustainable growth
  4. Successfully providing a solution to complex problems that arise 
  5. Adapting to never within the workplace 

How are you unique compared with other professionals in the field?

My unique way of working is to have clients in mind, a proactive approach of providing roofing services to clients, complete roofing systems, preventative roof maintenance programs, free roof evaluations, and roof consulting.

William A. Amankwah was in China for roll foaming machines inspection and approved before shipping to Ghana. He also attended a seminar in China (Hangzhou) sponsored by the Ghana Association of Roofing Manufacturing Companies ( GARMC) to represent Ghana on ISO Certification.

What kind of people do you work with?  

I work with highly experienced staff who work with our clients to achieve the best results for each project.

(i) Our clients, Awa roofing is well-known in the roofing industry for an uncompromising commitment to high design and installation standards using the best quality products and providing excellent all-round customer service.

We have built our reputation with commercial, residential or church projects and clients based on our service effectiveness and product reliability.

(ii) These are the following companies I have worked for in Ghana and beyond. To mention a few. DBS Roofing System, Big Bong Roofing System, Opanyin Ayeh Roofing System, Neathands Roofing System, and Lucky Star Roofing System.

What have been the biggest challenges that you have overcome?

The biggest challenge that I have overcome in my career was that I was brand new to the industry. I had sales experience; however, I knew very little about the roofing industry. I took my evenings and weekends to study hard on industry background and trends. It didn’t take me long to feel comfortable and confident when speaking with potential clients. All it takes is some time and dedication.

When I first arrived in my position, the inventory management in our store was out of control. Roofing clips and silicons were stashed in the back room, in every nook and cranny imaginable. I decided to take hold of that project immediately, setting a new standard for the installation and floor sales staff. 

Many people have dreams of developing their careers, but they find the practical steps to be daunting.  How did you make it happen?

Everyone deserves to have their dreams come true. Through hard work, good planning, determination and with a little help from friends, you really can make what you want a reality. So follow your heart, believe in yourself and take leaps.

What were the personal challenges and pitfalls that you faced on your path to success?  

  1. Ignorance
  2. Information overload
  3. The “Quick Fix” Trap
  4. The one fits all approach
  5. Focusing on problems and don’ts rather than solutions and do’s 

Overcoming my pitfalls, it doesn’t matter how big or small my goals are. If you don’t know how to get from A to B, you don’t stand a chance. Whatever it is you want to achieve, you need to educate yourself first. Do some internet research or talk to people who already have what you want.

How has Rotary shaped your views on leadership and service?

William A. Amankwah addressing fellow Rotarians about school building projects in a community called Kwamoso in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Leadership is the art of monitoring a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal.

Rotary shaped my views on leadership and that is SERVICE ABOVE SELF.

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