Lean in and breathe deep: A new and fresh experience!

Rebbi Nachman of Breslov teaches that heaven/the world-to-come isn’t when we reach a spiritual buzz and maintain it forever. Heaven is a state where every moment is a fresh and new experience of infinite light and love. 

So, in a time of isolation and immobility, the best thing to do, the most spiritual approach, may be trying something new, or even better, doing something old in an entirely new way. Treat yourself to a new experience of something or someone you think you know so well. Open your heart to a fresh experience that can give you a little taste of heaven.

About the Author
Menachem Poznanski, LCSW is director of The Living Room, a clubhouse for Jewish young adults in recovery from Alcoholism and Addiction. Menachem is co-author of Stepping out of the Abyss: A Jewish guide to the 12 steps (Mosaica, 2017) and the editor of both Consciously and The Light Revealed, two social media initiatives focused on the messages of Jewish recovery and spirituality. Menachem resides in Cedarhurst, NY with his wife Naomi and their children, Zoe and Tani.
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