Lean In: Answering the call

When things are at their most challenging our consciousness demands an explanation. Why am I going through this? Why did that happen? How could they get away with that? 

The answer though, the truth of why, is more often then not  mindless, beyond limited logic and reason. As the great Eli Wiesel of blessed memory, once observed, even if you could explain Aushwitz, would you want to? Would you want to understand the “good reason” behind millions of deaths and atrocities?

So, where do we go from there? How can we possibly answer what our consciousness’ demands?

In those moments the best answer we have is a shift in our perspective toward the awareness that these moments are some of the most powerful opportunities we can experience in this life. The moment and instant in history when the universe calls us to step up and be. When, instead of sitting back and waiting for answers, we answer the call; “this is whats happening, what am I gonna do about it.” In a spiritual approach, answering the call is not willing reality to meet our expectations, it’s fitting ourselves to meet reality.

So, just for today we can breathe deep, lean in, and answer the call of the Universal Spirit

About the Author
Menachem Poznanski, LCSW is director of The Living Room, a clubhouse for Jewish young adults in recovery from Alcoholism and Addiction. Menachem is co-author of Stepping out of the Abyss: A Jewish guide to the 12 steps (Mosaica, 2017) and the editor of both Consciously and The Light Revealed, two social media initiatives focused on the messages of Jewish recovery and spirituality. Menachem resides in Cedarhurst, NY with his wife Naomi and their children, Zoe and Tani.
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