Leave the Peace to God — But Only If He Wants It

Heartsick. Terrified. Two adjectives which describe my fear. As for the Deal of the Century, it would remain best if Trump stuck to his golf in Florida and Netanyahu to packing his bags as he prepares to leave the Balfour residence.

If God wanted peace between us and the Palestinians He would have sent His messiah in advance.

No ! Not a false messiah like Donald Trump whose name can be added to a list of the too-many false messiahs in our history. And, as Abbas is wont to say “No!No! No! 1000 times No to the Trump Deal of the Century”.

And as for bag-packing Bibi, there is not really too much to pack. The prisons provide colorful orange suits. Bibi will need to take only dozens of pairs of underwear or pampers. He will have good use for them while sitting in a solitary cell. They are throw-aways. Sara won’t have to bother to wash them !

Prior to the Deal of the Century I thought I would look forward to a well-deserved rest. Like Abbas with his 1000ds, I had my 1000 published articles. Ahh… a dream of rest. Not so ready to be realized !

Trump promised his look-alike buddy Bibi the sun, moon and stars. The sun has receded from its warmth. The moon is not shining. And the stars are falling to bloody soil from their celestial heaven.

In 1967 our victory mantra chanted the re-unification of Jerusalem, all of Jerusalem separated to us by 19 years of Jordanian occupation. Down to the division of our holy city! Division no more!

That is to say, until the Trump peace plan which offers a portion of east Jerusalem to the Palestinians as a capitol city of their never-to-be state. What happened to Netanyahu’s promise of “division no more?”

At age 87 I have no concern about doing military service. At this stage of my diminished vision I could hardly locate the trigger of a rifle.

Only two days ago in my 9th visit to my ophthamologist he “assured” me thus:

You have lost 60% of the vision in your right eye due to the severe attack of shalbeket (shingles) which has damaged your eye and its sight. But there is no reason for you to worry. With the eye medication your sight will return soon”.

Laughing, I said “Soon? How soon is soon to you? Will it be before I reach the age of 88?”

(I detest silence when I ask a serious question!!!).

No. I am not concerned for me. I do, however, worry about my neighbor’s young children and about my cousin’s grandchildren. I spend sleepless nights and painful days worrying about the sons and daughters of Israel who will be forced into combat with a not-so-invisible enemy.

What does Donald Trump have to lose? Only a few rounds on a luxurious golf course while our grounds, less luxurious, will be covered with Jewish blood.

If my readers can agree with my fears let them show it by their ballots at the 2 March polls. If they disagree, let them hang their heads in shame.

We could have continued to live without the Trump trumped-up peace plan. There was a plan but it could never lead to peace ! (maybe to a “piece” but never to a “peace”).

Under the plan Israel has a “blind-eye” permission to annex territory which was intended for a two-state solution. What benefit did the Palestinians, who were not even invited to the White House to hear a plan which affects them and their people 100%, gain? Only more disillusionment, more anguish, more pain, more threats to wipe us off “their” map.

Does Trump care? What can he do about it? The Palestinians as it is receive little American aid. How much more can they be deprived?

The status quo is probably better because it is known, rather than the unknown future.

How many more corpses have to be buried? How many more shiva visits? How many more lost hopes and dreams ?

Trump will eventually be out of the picture. Netanyahu will eventually be in prison. God will eventually throw up His hands in disgust and in despair. “Why have My children forsaken Me?”

God has spoken to me. And in His words He has sadly asked, “Why was I not invited to the announcement of a proposed peace plan in the American capitol city?”

Probably because God refused to be strip-searched at the Washington airport!

Peace over blasphemy? I hope so!

But please let it be realized before I turn 88… too blind to see it… too deaf to hear it… to dumb to … well, never mind. You get my point!

(and kindly stop laughing. I can hear you!!!)

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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