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Lemons to Lemonade: Coronavirus Opportunities

We can turn this deep low into an astronomical high, if we seize the opportunities at hand.

I’ve been through many challenges – whether in health, business, relationships or even culture (moving across the world and learning to speak a new language and adjust to a new society at age 29 is no easy feat!).

Through each struggle, I have learned to transform chaos into opportunity. In fact, I believe challenges are what make us grow and shine the most. Looking inward, gazing upward and as they say, girding your loins (preparing for battle), is transformative. Every great ascent is preceded by a descent – and I have seen that over and over again in my life, as well as in the life of my nation.

The coronavirus crisis is the greatest societal challenge we have seen in many decades. This also means it’s the greatest opportunity we have had in our lifetimes. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with our deepest selves and evaluate our priorities. It’s an opportunity to reach out to strangers, in prayer or social media, and offer them strength. It’s an opportunity to be united with all of humankind, while we stand together against the same virus at the same time. It’s an opportunity to slow down our frenetic pace of life, just a little bit, and recalibrate. We can turn this deep low into an astronomical high, if we seize the opportunities at hand.

Here are 10 opportunities that we can manifest from the coronavirus crisis:

Take care of our bodies

We can take this opportunity to eat healthier, and prepare more of our food at home. We can eat lots of veggies and take supplements to boost our immunity and keep us strong. I recently started taking astragalus, garlic extract, echinacea, gojiberry, omega-3, and of course vitamin C.

Strengthen our faith

Whether you believe in G-d, the Universe or something else, now is a time to strengthen our faith. To loosen our need for control, and to believe that things will work out.

Adopt remote working

In my world of hi-tech, remote working is already popular, and at my company we work remotely year-round. But in so many other sectors, the traditional office reigns supreme. People love the flexibility of working from home (I certainly do!), and more corporations should embrace this very good approach.

 Appreciate how our products connect us

With disruptions to global supply chains, we feel how interconnected our global village really is. This can teach us to have gratitude for how many people, across a multitude of nations, enabled us to use this device or consume that product.

 Spend time with family

With so many people in quarantine, and so many things closed, we can take this opportunity to slow down our pace, and spend time with our loved ones. We can call friends and family who may be in isolation.

Lend a hand to those deeply impacted

Whether offering comfort to the sick, or people who lost their jobs, now is an opportunity to show empathy and send loving comments across social media – not just to family and friends, but also to acquaintances and even strangers.

Become model citizens

Thinking more about social responsibility, and what we can do to keep others healthy, is something important we can achieve. If you are not feeling well, stay home. Many of us may be carrying the virus and not even know it. Let’s therefore honor social distancing measures, such as staying several feet away from other people, and hygienic measures like washing our hands for 20 seconds with soap and water frequently.

Prepare as a society for the next health crisis

Perhaps the most important thing we can do on a practical level is take the lessons we have learned from the rapid virality of this disease, and prepare our public health systems and societies for the next one. Let’s be far ahead of the curve.

Reconnect with our highest selves

Everyone has a purpose in this life. Let’s take this crisis as an opportunity to look deeply into ourselves. Let’s take time to think about whether our soul, mind and body are in sync. Let’s really examine whether we are living out our unique individual purpose.

Unite all of humankind

The paradox of this health crisis is that while it is causing social distancing, it is bringing us all together. Many of us are going into quarantine, and all of us are physically distancing ourselves from others. On a deeper level, though, physical distance means nothing. We can take this time to spiritually connect with everyone around the world – through meditation, prayer and love.

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Zacharya Cutler is an Israeli-American serial entrepreneur. His writings on Israel and technology have been published in TIME, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Fox News and other publications.
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