Let Life Flow Through You

Jordan River, Israel - March 2022 (courtesy)
Jordan River, Israel - March 2022 (courtesy)

Last week, I took my clothes out of the laundry and smelled something strange. I couldn’t quite pinpoint the scent — perhaps a combination of sulfur and sewage — but suffice it to say, the clothes smelled terrible. After Googling the symptoms, I performed a deep clean on our washing machine and washed the clothes again. They still smelled awful. I spent the next week soaking the clothes in baking soda and tea tree oil, washing them on high heat and leaving them out in the sun — nothing worked. Eventually, I admitted the clothes were a lost cause, said goodbye to some of my favorite garments and gave them away. 

I still don’t know what caused the smell — or why my husband’s clothes smelled fine when he did laundry right after me. But I learned a valuable lesson about going with the flow and letting life pass through me. This was actually the second time in a year I’ve given away some of my favorite clothes — the first because I couldn’t get rid of the mildew smell from storage. Perhaps G-d knows I get attached to my clothes and wants to remind me that they don’t matter so much. I am okay, we are safe. Thankfully, I have the resources to buy new clothes — even if it takes some creativity to get them to Israel with free shipping and no import fees on Amazon. 

Life is meant to flow and evolve. We change, friendships change, jobs change, houses change — heck, even the weather changes constantly. If we try too hard to hold onto what we have, we might miss an opportunity to grow into something greater. Change is hard, and so is letting go. I’ve changed so much in the past year, and it hasn’t always been comfortable.

I moved to a new country and started therapy, where I am unpacking baggage and connecting to my authentic self. As I learn to trust my intuition, some old friendships and patterns just don’t seem to fit. Getting in touch with myself means recognizing what doesn’t feel right, honoring my feelings and acting in line with my soul. This can be hard and uncomfortable at times. But it’s necessary to let life flow through me so I can evolve into the best version of myself. 

Speaking of change, I just graduated with my MS in Health Education and Behavior from University of Florida. Being out of school is both terrifying and enthralling. I passed my Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES®) exam and now can officially educate people about health. I am so excited to coach clients as they travel along their own healing journeys. At the same time, I am trying to let go and release control over the outcome.

I’ve spent hours on the computer editing my website, advertising myself and outlining my program. I want to learn to trust the process, close my computer and take care of myself too. The right clients will come along in the right time, and I will do meaningful work. I simply have to be patient and let life flow through me. Thank you smelly laundry for reminding me of this important lesson. 

If you or anyone you know is looking for a health coach, feel free to reach out: Sending blessings for health and healing!

About the Author
Manya Ronay is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES®) and health journalist living in Jerusalem, Israel. She holds a BA in Journalism and Media Studies from Rutgers University and an MS in Health Education and Behavior from University of Florida. To learn more about Manya and to connect, visit
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