Daniel Rosen

Let our enemies fight with full bellies

In the complex landscape of conflict in Gaza, where civilians and combatants are intermingled, traditional approaches to warfare must be blended with unconventional methods. The concern of an ongoing humanitarian crisis has raised concerns globally about the safety, food security, shelter, and medical attention for the citizens of Gaza.   This has provided an opportunity for detractors to claim Israel is perpetrating some type of mass starvation campaign.  If you take that argument away from them by feeding the Gaza civilians and by sending them masses amounts of medical supplies, then you will have the ability to neutralize one of their most powerful arguments.  In many cases the terrorists are the ones stealing the food and feeding themselves. In other cases it is true that by feeding the population you will also be feeding the terrorists.  Despite this, the terrorists can be gotten to and they can be killed with full bellies.  

In a conventional war, it would be unthinkable to expect adversaries to provide food and comfort to their enemies. However, the situation in Gaza demands a different perspective.
Israel finds itself in a unique position, facing an unconventional warfare scenario where civilians are inadvertently caught in the crossfire.

This aid should encompasses a wide range of essentials, including food, blankets, medical supplies, socks, underwear, and medical attention. Israel understands that ensuring the basic needs of civilians are met is not just a moral imperative but also a strategic necessity. By providing humanitarian aid, Israel aims to undermine the narrative of a humanitarian crisis propagated by its adversaries.

Critics may argue that providing aid to Gaza legitimizes its adversaries or undermines Israel’s military objectives. However, Israel recognizes that in this unconventional warfare scenario, winning hearts and minds is as crucial as military victories. (There can be news articles about the abundance of food the gazan people have) By demonstrating compassion and addressing the basic needs of the Palestinian people, Israel aims to delegitimize the narrative of its adversaries and build bridges with the civilian population. This action will only marginally hamper Israel’s ability to kill the enemy

It’s important to acknowledge that Israel’s commitment to providing humanitarian aid does not negate its right to defend itself against security threats. Israel remains vigilant in countering any threats posed by militant groups while simultaneously striving to alleviate the suffering of innocent civilians.

In conclusion, Israel’s should consider a shift in methodology toward a flow of overwhelming aid Gaza civilians.  This approach to humanitarian aid in Gaza would represent a paradigm shift in warfare tactics. By prioritizing the welfare of civilians and addressing their basic needs, Israel aims to redefine the narrative of conflict in the region. Israel can still kill her enemies even if they have a full belly.

About the Author
Daniel Rosen is the former leader of the TorchPAC pro-Israel group at New York University whose activism against campus antisemitism was reported on in the New York Post, the New York Sun, and multiple Jewish newspapers as well as the Village Voice. He worked for the Jewish Agency and now serves as co-CEO of a local family business. Daniel has also been published in, Israel national news, Times of Israel blog, frontage magazine, and the Long Island Jewish world. currently, Daniel is the founder and president of Minds and Hearts a pro Israel advocacy group.
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