Ari Abramowitz

Let Us Finish the Job

The feeling of disconnection between the government and the army has never felt higher than when our unit awoke this morning to hear the embarrassing, demoralizing, and disheartening news. Israel agreed to a ceasefire while Hamas refused the offer with righteous indignation vowing to continue their genocidal campaign.

Where is our righteous indignation?

As our cities are pummeled with missiles and our citizens are maimed and killed – where is our rage?

As our children huddle hour after hour, day after day, in bomb shelters – traumatized in fear – where is our fury?

Why does the world incessantly condemn us regardless of our unprecedented humanitarian sensitivities?

Because we defend ourselves. Because we care. They know it would do no good to criticize Hamas. They know that any condemnation would fall on deaf ears.

It is time or us to stop listening too.

We do not value human life because the world cares. We value human life because that is simply who we are. That is our nature.

So let us proceed with strength – yet without compromising our values.

The Talmud says “He who is compassionate to the evil – in the end will be evil to the compassionate.” If we do not overcome our gentle peace- seeking natures – it will be our children who will pay with their lives. And this is not a price I am willing to pay.

I am no military strategist but in this humble foot-soldier’s opinion it is time to drop our flyers in Gaza. Let us warn them to leave.

If they don’t – then their blood is on their own heads. If Hamas prevents them from leaving – then let them revolt against Hamas. That is their responsibility.

But when the time period on those flyers elapses – then systematically eliminate all weapons caches, launching sites, and other threats must begin. Then the infantry must follow. I volunteer to go first – although I am sure that I will have no shortage of competition from my fellow soldiers for this privilege.

Then it is time to reestablish Gush Katif. To offer the pioneering Jews who were expelled from their homes an opportunity to return and rebuild. To once again make the desert blossom. Every missile from the iron dome costs us fifty thousand Dollars. Let us offer those funds as government subsidies to establish new communities in Gaza. Only by returning with civilian presence can we prevent this terror from revisiting us again and again. Naftali Bennett was right about why this is not happening in Judea and Samaria – because we are still in Judea and Samaria. Not our military. But our civilians. Our pioneers.

I know that I speak for the lions share of our armed forces when I say to our government loud and clear – let us finish the job.

Let us end this nightmare once and for all.

About the Author
Rabbi Ari Abramowitz is one of Israel’s premier media personalities. He is a film maker, educator, and the host of the popular "Israel Inspired Radio" on iTunes. With among the country’s largest social media followings, he is an advocate for Israel both domestically and internationally leading to his candidacy for the Knesset in the Jewish Home political party during the last elections. He was the host of the popular Jerusalem based TV show "Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem" and has been featured on CNN, Fox News, BBC, and many international outlets.
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