Let’s get real about the “peace process” – What the White House and Ramallah don’t want you to know

There are seven uncomfortable truths about the Israel-PA negotiations that the Obama administration is currently mismanaging. Everyone in the symbiotic worlds of diplomacy, journalism and politics knows these simple, undeniable facts, but they prefer to ignore them and pretend that they do not exist, just to continue this very unfunny farce.

Here’s the real deal:

1) The Palestinian Authority has ZERO authority in these negotiations. Mahmoud Abbas was elected to lead the PA in 2005 for a four-year term of office which legally ended in 2009. Since then, he has not allowed any further presidential elections. For the last five years, he is illegally running the show while making himself, his sons and his cronies multimillionaires in the process. This means that his entire administration has no legal power to negotiate or sign any diplomatic agreements.

2) The Palestinian Authority has no authority over large swaths of its territory and its populace. An exclusive report as recent as Jan. 7, 2014 on the intelligence website www.debka.com reveals that there are at least 19 West Bank refugee sites that are no longer under the control of the PA, as “DEBKAfile’s military and counter-terror sources report after a thorough investigation on the ground. The close to quarter of-a-million Palestinians living in those camps have fallen into the hands of local armed militias run by terrorist organizations, crime mobs and arms racketeers. The situation today is such that the Palestinian security forces don’t dare set foot in those areas, especially the big refugee camps of Nablus (Balata), Tulkarm, Dehaisha – between the Jewish Gush Etzion settlement bloc and Hebron – Askar – east of Nablus, and Jenin. Another no-go area is the Shoafat camp in the municipal area of Jerusalem.”

3) Of course, speaking of areas that the PA does not and cannot control, we must remember that Gaza was entirely lost to the Islamic imperialist terror group Hamas – first in open elections in January 2006, and then cemented in place by a violent putsch in June of 2007. Gaza is now a separate terror fiefdom maintained entirely on handouts from the EU, UN and the USA. Hamas’ theocratic regime can only be reunited with the rest of the PA through a violent take-over there as well. Abbas knows all too well that the minute the last Israeli troops leave the PA territories, he would suffer the same bloody end as Gheddafi. In spite of all his posing and ranting about the IDF, he and his gang need the continued presence of Israeli security forces just to stay alive.

4) The invented propagandistic concept of a neat ethnic division of “West Jerusalem” and “East Jerusalem” exists only in the fervid imaginations of Israel-haters and people who have never looked at an accurate demographic map of the city. It is much more like a jumbled-up puzzle or an abstract mosaic, with scattered pockets of Jews, Muslims and Christians, Arabs and non-Arabs, sometimes only a street or a courtyard apart from each other. There is absolutely no way to vivisect this holy city, especially given the fact that Abbas and the PA insist that their hypothetical new state be established on apartheid – 100% Jew-free.



Abbas gleefully demonstrating what the Arabs really mean when they talk about “a future state of Palestine” – ALL of Israel.

5) The Israeli Arabs (about 20% of Israel’s population) do not want to be part of any new Arab state. The Israeli Arab Christians know that no matter how many speeches and assurances are made that the new state will be secular, they will be treated as second-class infidels in a vastly Muslim-majority society. They have already seen what has happened in Bethlehem. The city of Jesus’ birth was always inhabited by a Christian majority for at least the last 1,700 years – that is, until the fiasco of the Oslo Accords in 1993. In that year, when Israel handed over control and security of Bethlehem to the PA, the town was 70-80% Christian. Now, after two decades of PLO/Fatah pressure and thuggery, the city of the Nativity is only about 20% Christian. Given this preview, what Arab Christian in Israel would trade in her or his Israeli passport (and personal security and standard of living) for a Palestinian one? According to all the polls of the last several years, almost none of them would. Understandable, given that Israel is the only country in the entire Middle East in which the Christian population is growing, and not being hunted to extinction. Arab women also do not want to trade in the freedom and rights they enjoy in Israel to live under a misogynous PLO-Fatah-Hamas regime. As for Israeli Arab gay men and lesbians, you can only imagine their sheer terror at the thought of living under a future Palestinian regime. This means that any “population exchange” is not going to happen; in spite of all their rhetoric, the Arab citizens of Israel will never want to change their passports.

6) This next indisputable fact is even more of a deal-killer: the Palestinians have no intention and zero motivation to build a country. As a group, they are the biggest welfare queens on the planet, receiving many times the amount of supplies, services, donations and attention than all other refugees. So far, they have gobbled up over 25 times the amount of the Marshall Plan, which rebuilt all of postwar Europe in record time. Yet, with all these handouts, they have not created any real industry, culture (except that of violence and Jew-hatred), or infrastructure. All the money has been squandered in graft and corruption, amassing and producing offensive weapons of terror, grinding out propaganda and brainwashing media, and doling out exorbitant salaries to imprisoned Jew-killers and to public officials who do not even show up for their so-called jobs. Knowing that they will never be denied their place at the feeding trough of international charity, and that the bulk of the funds flows right into their secret Swiss bank accounts, the terror chiefs want this show to go on. (It is very telling that the Arab and Muslim states pledge to give a lot, but in reality give the PA almost nothing.) On top of all this, the PA could not form a unified, cohesive state even if they wanted to do so. The populace is fragmented in so many tiny factions, divided by clan, tribe, terror gang, and country of origin (only a miniscule portion – about 1% – can honestly claim to have lived within the pre-1949 confines of Israel) and do not have any unifying identity, history or ethos at all – except when speaking in English to the West.

7) The last unpleasant truth – and the most insuperable of all: the PA and the terror bosses in Gaza have one major dream, and it has nothing to do with achieving modern statehood. Again and again, official representatives of Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad all declare the same thing (in Arabic) – that their supreme goal is the destruction of the Jewish State and the genocide of the Jewish people. It is still in the official Charters of both Hamas and the PLO, while Jerusalem is not even considered important enough to mention in these texts. The only people talking sincerely about a two-state solution are deluded Westerners. Abbas and Haniyeh and their ilk have one dream only – wiping out the Jews from the Jordan River to the sea. You don’t have to take my word for it – listen to what they and their cronies incessantly declare in Arabic, uncovered and subtitled, thanks to the hardworking staff of Memri (http://www.memri.org).

Once we all face these truths, and only when we face them, will we be able to resolve this conflict. One thing is certain: you cannot make a true peace built on feel-good falsehoods.

About the Author
Roy Doliner is an international writer and lecturer, and the co-author of the NY Times best-seller THE SISTINE SECRETS. He is often seen in Italian media speaking on the history of Art, Italian Jewry, and the Renaissance. He has lectured at the Knesset, Yale University, top museums in Italy, the 92nd St. Y, and Ariel University, among many others. His latest book is HIDDEN BENEATH THE BEAUTY: Kabbalistic Secrets in Italian Art.
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