Derek Taylor
Derek Taylor

Let’s have no martyrs in Cloud Cuckoo Land   

David Miller (Screenshot from CST's Twitter via Jewish News)
David Miller (Screenshot from CST's Twitter via Jewish News)

Is Bristol University going to make Professor David Miller a martyr? Is it going to fire him because he sees Jewish conspirators under every pro-semitic bed? 

It isn’t an easy decision for the university. If they get rid of him they will be accused of stifling free speech and being a part of the alleged worldwide conspiracy for Israel to take over the world. 

The professor has chosen a somewhat unlikely set of villains. I don’t think the Chinese and the Russians will recognise the Israelis as worthy opponents for worldwide domination. They will see the Israelis as fleas on the back of the American elephant. They will wonder how less than 15 million Jews in the world are going to control several billion non-Jewish people. 

And to do what? Surely not to convert all the Christians to Judaism. It’s harder to join the ranks of the Orthodox Jews than to steal the Crown Jewels. The professor accuses the Jews of ethnic cleansing. Is there the slightest evidence that the Israelis are keen on murdering every Palestinian Arab. Or does ethnic cleansing have some other meaning we don’t know about? 

The Israelis have been at war with Iran, Iraq and Syria for 73 years now. There was no peace agreement with those countries when their five invading armies failed to beat the Israelis in 1948. What does the professor suggest the Israelis do? Offer to leave the country? The working Arabs have better jobs in Israel than in any of the Arab countries. They have votes in the Israeli elections and they have 17 members of the Knesset. How many Jews are there in the Iranian, Iraqi and Syrian parliaments? In fact there have been Arab members of the Knesset since 1949. 

The professor also considers the Bristol University Jewish Society to be part of this campaign for world domination. 
Two of my grandchildren have been members of the Bristol J Soc when they were at the university; one is going to be a doctor and the other is a lawyer. It’s a fine university. If my grandchildren are part of a worldwide conspiracy, I have to confess they are not up to the standard of George Washington, Vladimir Lenin or Mao Tse Tung. At Bristol they were more concerned with passing their exams.

The next question is whether anybody is going to pay any attention to Professor Miller. He has certainly had a great deal of publicity. I suppose that would be unlikely if you were keeping to the party line of, say, the Liberals. Professor Miller’s problem is that only a minuscule number of people are going to take him seriously.  

There are certain necessities if you are going in for worldwide domination. To start with, you need a policy with which everybody agrees. It has to be acknowledged though that unanimity is not a Jewish characteristic. The universal joke is that two Jews can produce three political parties. According to Professor Miller we have, for the first time in 2,000 years, produced a totally uniform set of aims; the Charedim and the Liberal Jews in cahoots; when I see an elephant fly.  The truth is that we have only ever had one such policy and that is to be left alone to get on with our lives in peace.  

The more professor Miller stays in the critical limelight, the wider will be the publicity for the fairy tale he propounds. He will then be more likely to be seen as the victim of just the kind of worldwide plotting. 

So do the authorities just let him rant on? Radicalising the Brits has proved to be impossible for centuries. We may take a major interest in Spurs versus Arsenal, but we have shown minimal interest in fascism, communism and a lot of other isms. 

Now protecting the badger is another story or Professor Miller is likely to arouse far more interest if he considers the alleged contribution of climate change to a pandemic from which bees are suffering grievously.  

A worldwide conspiracy by the Jews to take over the world is cloud cuckoo land and should and will be ridiculed. 

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