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Let’s Make Passover 2020 The Most Meaningful Ever With Cindy’s Corners

Homemade Has New Meaning This Passover

This year’s questions:

Why is this Passover different than all other?

Is it so bad celebrating Passover at home with just the immediate family?

Will we celebrate next year in Jerusalem?

How can we order Kosher for Passover foods and wines?

The last will be answered here, as so many kosher businesses have made delivery possible almost everywhere in a short time.

This year, Passover is different around the world for all of us. Coronavirus has made us look at Exodus from slavery and Egypt quite differently.

Yes, our communities around the world are effected. But, we can celebrate. We still have options of either chicken or meat, what types of wines and matzah brands we choose and lots of prepared foods or fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy.

When people complain about canceling vacation programs or big catered family gatherings, remind them about the Jews of Europe 80 years ago and how lucky they are now.

Look at how technology has helped us communicate now. Everyday, rabbis are giving lessons, Jewish entertainers are live for free, and families living in different countries are still Skyping and using Zoom.

We are “The Chosen People” and we will get through Passover and coronoavirus successfully.

I highly suggest you contact your local rabbis regarding cleaning, preparations, local kosher establishments and communicating about before, during and after Passover laws. Some rabbis are adjusting just for this year some of the usual regulations.

Need help or have questions:

You still have time to have Kosher for Passover food products ordered and delivered:

As well as Kosher for Passover Wines and Spirits:

Here’s what’s new for Passover 2020 from Israel’s most historic winery, Carmel:

SelecteD Cabernet Sauvignon 2019
Variety: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Growing Region: Shomron
Alcohol: 14.5%
Wine Notes: A dry red wine possessing a fruity, young, and refreshing character. Aromas of red and black plums and coffee.

SelecteD Merlot 2019
Variety: 100% Merlot
Growing Region: Shomron
Alcohol: 14%
Wine Notes: A dry red wine possessing a fruity, young, and refreshing character. Aromas of cherries and dark chocolate.

Photo: Carmel Winery

SelecteD Mediterranean Blend 2019
Varieties: 45% Shiraz, 30% Carignan, 20% Petite Sirah, 5% Viognier
Growing Region: Shomron
Alcohol: 14.5%
Wine Notes: A dry red wine possessing a fruity, light, and refreshing character. Aromas of black plums and forest berries.

SelecteD Emerald Riesling – Chenin Blanc 2019
Varieties: 60% Emerald Riesling, 40% Chenin Blanc
Growing Region: Shomron
Alcohol: 10%
Wine Notes: A semi-dry white wine displaying bright, clear hues with a young, light, and refreshing character. This aromatic wine possesses a delicate, balanced sweetness with aromas of honey, peach, and tropical fruits.

SelecteD Saviognon Blanc 2019
Variety: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Growing Region: Galilee
Alcohol: 11%
Wine Notes: A dry white wine possessing a light, fruity character with refreshing, balanced acidity and a pleasant citrus finish.

SelectedD Moscato 2019
Variety: 100% Muscat Alexandria
Growing Region: Samson
Alcohol: 5.5%
Wine Notes: This delicate, sweet sparkling wine is bursting with perfumed, floral aromas and flavors reminiscent of peaches and citrus fruits.

Israel’s largest, most historic winery has continued to upgrade and transform over the past few decades, now producing wines in various series, from mainstream, accessible wines, to premium wines, representing the best wine regions in Israel and earning numerous local and international awards. Among the winery’s best-known and most successful product lines are selected, Private Collection, Appellation. Foremost among its high-end lines are Carmel Limited Edition, Carmel Mediterranean and Single Vineyard lines. More labels originating in the finest terroirs are available to delight the oenophile.

All wines from Carmel Winery are certified kosher by B”datz Mehadrin, under the supervision of Rabbi Rubin. To learn more about Carmel Winery, please visit their website at:

Let’s all look forward to a different, meaningful Passover season. Stay safe, stay healthy and be careful!

Cindy Grosz is running for Congress in NY-4.

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