Liberal Media: Antisemitism’s sugar daddy

(On the heels of a Monday night protest in front of The New York Times headquarters in Manhattan, protesting NYT’s promotion of insidious antisemitism in a form of a cartoon.)

Liberal media’s Jew-hatred, blatant or obscured, occupies predominant lobe space in both the conscious and subconscious psyche of the general public. This is a result of systematic education of the populace: sometimes in the form of overtly racist hate-filled cartoons (New York Times’ April 25th, International edition), sometimes in the form of demonization of the only Jewish State on earth when it dares to defend itself.

More often, the unconscious bias training is in the form of slanderous loathing of PM Bibi Netanyahu, guising itself under “fair criticism” and “balanced reporting”. More often than that, front page news coverage affectionately calls Hamas militants strapped with explosives on Israeli borders…”protesters” or even “Palestinian civilians”. Just look up any past Israeli-Palestinian conflict reportage by BBC or The Guardian in any given year. The guys with masked faces and grenade belts are the oppressed, protesting civilians denied all human rights, while guys that shoot tear gas in the air to defend their borders and prevent deaths of the guys with grenades are the murderous aggressor-occupiers. If that’s not systematic distortion of truth to create antisemitic context, then nothing is.

Likewise, the observant reader/listener has long gotten used to the moral equivalency between jihadist slaughter of Israeli citizens and Israeli military operations that capture members of Islamic terrorists groups. G-d forbid we don’t have an equal body count between Israelis and the guys trying to kill them: “Death toll is now 20 Palestinian protesters and 6 Israelis” the liberal headlines often read.

The public has been methodically tutored by all the usual suspects (BBC, CNN, MSNBC, CBC, NYT, CBS, Politico, HuffPost, etc.) to view Israel as an aggressive military power intent on victimizing the innocent Palestinians. It is these instructional newsfeeds that give rise and teeth to Israel Apartheid Weeks on university campuses and BDS movements to harm Israel. Credit belongs entirely at liberal media’s feet; the only constant in a world of changing leaders, governments and policies. For liberal media, objectivity and journalistic integrity has given way to agenda and adherence to political affiliation long, long ago.

Perhaps the worst type of unconscious bias training is not in what they say, but in what they strategically avoid saying. Like the gory details of rapes, routine stabbings and murders of Israeli civilians (often children), the religious teachings of Imams calling for the killing of Jews whom they refer to as “descendants of pigs and apes”. They leave out inconvenient stats on Gaza rockets showering Israeli skies that send families running for bomb shelters to deal with PTSD for years to come . And they covertly bury and blurry stories relating to dangerously increasing antisemitic violence against Jews all over this earth.

Publishing editorials about the horrendous state of affairs for French Jews who are leaving the country in droves because of rampant Islamic antisemitism doesn’t fly with liberal editors of leftist convictions that leave zero room for compassion towards this particular minority. Likewise, they choose to avoid details on the current average of 100/month antisemitic incidents in the U.K. Why? Because none of these factoids can be connected to Trump. Worse than that, they would have to cough up the Islamic connection.

What the public has now come to expect from media coverage is the conspicuous exclusion of suspect’s name, after each act of violence against the Jews (or Christians). Publishing yet another Islamic name – immediately destroys their ability to perpetuate the ills of Islamophobia, a condition which supposedly afflicts all of us. “Suspect appears Asian” is the best they’ll muster up.

Liberal media works tirelessly to craft public opinion and shape socio-political attitudes towards the 0.2% of world’s population, the Jewry. Decades of their buried, skewed and brazenly dishonest coverage (or cartoons) of Jewish/Israeli issues indiscriminately work to inspire antisemitic attitudes and acts from every political ideology: left, right, center, up, down and everything in-between. Liberal media can even be credited with the birth and rise of Congresswoman Omar, who appears quite justified and acceptable in light of liberal media’s hostility towards Israel and allergic objection to any and all criticism of anyone from the Islamic faith.

Historically, media has been the Pravda mouthpiece of communism, the cartooning right arm of fascism in The Völkischer Beobachter, and the obedient conduit for every possible Middle East theocracy. But specifically, throughout every oppressive dictatorship of every imaginable political belief – a consistent agent for the spread of the 2000-year strong favorite past-time; anti-Semitism and persecution of Jews.

When there were no radio frequencies, there were abundant canvases of Christ-killing Jews in the form of money-holding Judases and yellowish-skinned Temple desecrators. When there were no cable networks, there were millions of dropped leaflets by Vichy Governments and reprints of Richard Wagner’s manifestors. When there were no newspapers, there were the sonorous piazza bullhorns of Savonarola, Pope Gregory IX, King Louis IX, and every pope of the 300 year-long Spanish Inquisition. When there was no internet, there were the replayed broadcasts of mic deliveries by Hitler-collaborating Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and by Stalin of his favorite narration “The Jewish Doctors’ Plot”.

Without the role of mainstream media in our history lane – pogroms, exiles, executions, synagogue burnings, forced conversions, book burnings, slaughters, Dreyfus Affairs, and death camps of millions of Jews would not have been possible.

Today, The New York Times is, perhaps, one of the most septic sources of antisemitic “journalism”. As we just witnessed, NYT is busy writing and sketching Hitlerian-era libel and Third Reich propaganda under the excuse of “slipped through ”, and “single editor’s choice”. And predictably, all of it followed by the obligatory phoney contrition.

NYT, after the condemnation of the notorious cartoon, even managed to turn around the very next day and publish yet another antisemitic cartoon of Israel’s PM! Should we be surprised, given their lofty archive of countless anti-Israel commentaries and famously buried Holocaust facts?

What’s in the cartoon that has everyone up in arms and protesting in front of NYT’s NYC office?

There is the obvious – equipped with fangs and venom and in bright living color pictorial of the Prime Minister of Israel depicted as an animal. In fact, a low-to-the ground, short-haired dog with an elongated rodent-like face. Uncomfortably similar to Jews as rats Hitler’s media depicted – but a mere coincidence, to be sure…

In the same hair-raising smite against the tiny 6 Million Jewish population of Israel, The New York Times managed to expose their deepest diabolical anti-Semitism. But not by the depiction of Bibi as a dog, but by the second character in the cartoon, a gentile wearing the most recognizable Jewish symbol, a skullcap.

For almost three years the New York Times, along with their liberal media colleagues all over the world, have been warning us about this “scary” gentile’s true antisemitic nature, one he’s been hiding from us masterfully, but one they (the media) could see crystal-clearly. We were told to fear the real Donald Trump of palpable antisemitic colors, the ones he was ready to unleash on the Jews just as soon as he killed all the Muslims, Hispanics and gays. This very scenario liberal media salivated over ever since the 2016 election.

Not only their utopian imagery of Trump as Satan failed to materialize to render them (the liberal media) prophetic and Jew-safety “concerned”, the good President managed the unthinkable to please Jews everywhere: he defunded Palestinian terror (vis-a-vis Mahmoud Abbas) to side with Israel, pulled out from Obama’s horrendous Iranian deal to alleviate a degree of nuclear danger to Israel, recognized The Golan as sovereign to the Jewish State, and even dared to pronounce Jerusalem as capital of Israel!

Whew…! What’s a liberal media to do with such unforeseeable embarrassments?

An alternate slander on Trump, no less unsavoury and scary, was urgently needed.

But how does NYT, CNN, BBC and company keep their audience hate-fed after the crashing and burning of the Russian collusion hoax? Or worse, after The Golan & Jerusalem happy events, when “Trump-The-Hitler” scenario no longer holds even the slightest entertainment value for the most dimwitted but loyal of SNL watchers?

New York Times, found a quick fix: if Trump can’t be Hitler, he can be a Jew! Exponentially more grotesque and unpalatably unpresidential! Hence, the “incidental” cartoon of NYT’s international edition of last Thursday. Overnight, world’s most dangerous antisemite became world’s most dangerous Jew, according to NYT’s creative department.

Just imagine the degree of liberal media’s antisemitic culture, when the man they live and breathe to hate is attributed with visible Jewishness…! Re-read that again.

Result? Liberal media’s sense of journalistic equilibrium perfectly intact; the steady diet of instructive hate to the public continuous, albeit now inclusive of the all-too-familiar Jew-hatred on steroids.

Consequences? A half dozen Jewish protesters in front of the New York office on Monday, a few dozen editorials by complaining Jews (like me), and that’s about it.

In the end, liberal media revealed what most of us have always read between the lines: Trump hate is frontage for Jew hate. And let’s be totally honest; the first ever First Jewish daughter of an American President with her scull-cap-wearing children at weekly Shabbat services rubs them more than the wrong way. In the liberal playbook rooted in generationally antisemitic socialism, Trump’s Jewish connections are simply the wrong intersectionality. They can’t fathom his Jewish family nor his good deeds for a tiny Jewish minority.

NYT and their liberal media friends work hard to normalize antisemitic attitudes and behaviors, establishing social acceptability of Jew-hatred as a legitimate and justifiable. And they do so at a time of horrifically dangerous antisemitic incidents around the globe not seen since Kristallnacht of 1938.

It isn’t the scull-cap wearing Trump who fuels Pittsburgh and San Diego murdering racists. It is the far-reaching amplifiers of media’s pictorials and words that feed, fuel, aid and abet the unimaginable 60-74% annual spike in antisemitic violence in western countries, swastikas at Jewish cemeteries in France, and carnival floats caricaturing Orthodox Jews with bags of money in Belgium.

In the 21st century, lethal antisemitism could not ask for a more influence-wielding sugar daddy than that of liberal media.

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Valerie Sobel is an Economist, writer, philanthropist, and a pianist living in Canada.
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