Liberal professor continues to attack Churchill

Earlier this week an online discussion took place at Churchill College in Cambridge. Kehinde Andrews, a professor of black studies at Birmingham City University, called the British Empire, “far worse than the Nazis”, and suggested WWII “would have ended the same day” with or without Churchill’s leadership.

Professor Andrews then proceeded to tear every aspect of Winston Churchill’s character apart and suggested his politics “was the perfect embodiment of white supremacy”.

The comments later on social media were mostly in support of Andrews and many referred to Churchill as a “racist” and “white supremacist”.

We have all heard how the liberal left has taken over parts of college campuses and how Jewish students are constantly picked on, ridiculed and in some cases, physically attacked. But this debate was not about Israel or religion. It was about a past British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, who stood up to perhaps the worst evil of the twentieth century, if not the last 1,000 years.

While Britain stood strong and proud, nearly every other nation completely collapsed under the might of Nazism.

I believe in free speech and the right to express an opinion, provided it does not incite violence, racial tension or is abusive. But the constant misinformation, re-writing of history and ignorance we hear on University campuses, is astounding.

Winston Churchill was the backbone of resistance and fighting spirit. He gave the British people, encouragement, the will to succeed and the self-confidence to believe Hitler and the Nazis, could and must be defeated, at all costs. Churchill was a hero and we Jews owe him a great deal of thankfulness.

I do not subscribe to the endless dribble from punch drunk, doped up, lefty layabouts, who believe they are the future, because they study for a degree.

The claim from Kehinde Andrews that any other leader could have encouraged the vast majority of British stiff upper-lip, spirited Brits to defeat Hitler is simply not true. Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain failed to see what was occurring before their very eyes. Both were subsequently devastated, when they discovered they got it so wrong.

As for the absurd comment that Churchill was a white supremacist, which is code for neo-Nazi, if the liberal left today, were faced with a tenth of what Britain faced in the thirties and forties, they would be the first to appease the enemy with tea and biscuits. Failing that, they would be so scared and confused, they would run from their own shadow.

Professor Andrews is the same person who has branded “whiteness” a “psychosis”, called for the overthrow of “genocidal” capitalism and repeatedly compared, Sir Winston Churchill to Adolf Hitler.

Historian after historian has credited Churchill’s leadership with overcoming Britain’s policy of appeasement towards Hitler and helping to persuade the USA to join the war.

Ironically, the debate earlier this week was held at the college, named in honour of Winston Churchill. Of course, the man had significant flaws, but we must never forget how he spearheaded the people, who were dejected and scarred in the beginning.

Kehinde Andrews earned a PhD in sociology and cultural studies from the University of Birmingham in 2011 and is now a professor of black studies in the school of social sciences at Birmingham City University. He calls himself a “campaigner” and is regularly wheeled out on TV debates to air his divisive, hateful and racist views for the ratings.

Professor Andrews gives the impression he hates Britain, but nevertheless the 38-year-old, who lives in Birmingham with his wife, Nicole, a lecturer in Health and Social Care at Newman University, accepts that as an employee of a public university his “primary income” comes from the state. But he still believes the decision to build tributes like, the Bomber Command Memorial was “justifying terrorism”.

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