Libertango Listen to Piazzolla and Katica

I didn’t write a post in a long time. But I just heard an amazing version of Libertango that I felt it is worth sharing. 

I was looking in YouTube for Klezmer Tango music that I heard in my last trip to Argentina, but instead I found a version of Libertango by Katica who I found inspiring.

Libertango is one of my favorite tangos from Buenos Aires by the great Argentinian master Astor Piazzolla who recorded it on 1974. I think it captures the soul of Buenos Aires, the fast pace, the rhythms of the city, of the people going to work, the energy of the porteños.

Astor Piazzolla (March 11, 1921 – July 4, 1992) was a composer and bandoneon player who revolutionized tango, creating the “new tango” el Nuevo tango incorporating elements from jazz and classical music. He used to play his own compositions with different orchestras and his music is played around the world.

What is fascinating is that this version is not from an orchestra from Argentina but from an orchestra from Hungary with Katica Illényi, a Hungarian violinist.  


And here is the Maestro Astor Piazzolla himself:

See how he plays the bandoneon. (after 2 minutes)  Un genio!

And here in Israel The Tel Aviv Wind Quintet

Piazzolla Libertango (excerpt) – Tel Aviv Wind Quintet / חמישיית תל-אביב

Plus the famous Adios Nonino. ENJOY!  Tell me if you like it.

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