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Life after the IDF

Many of us believe that the day we finished the army is one of best days of our life. Its exciting day full of optimism, feeling independent finally we out of the system. In Israel the army is the last stop of a person’s life, where it defined in advance.‪

Now we are ordinary citizens, we can decide what do with our own life, without the rigid and the restrictive framework of the army. After long 2 /3 years, we finally FREE we are free do decide what we want. But what we really want? What now?

Some people know exactly what they want to do with their life, before they even finished their service in the army. Yet many young people, whose numbers increased over the years, experienced a crisis after discharge from the army, which becomes an upsetting incident in life, they don’t know what they prefer- be released or stay in the “safe” area the army.

When I finished the army I wasn’t sure what I suppose to do now, find a new job, decide what subject to study in the university. The real struggle of grown people. It could be very stressful, there so many expectations of this age, get a job, go to the university, move out of the house. While for me it’s the first time I ever choose what I want to do without someone define it for me. Now I decide it on my own.

It was very overwhelming at first. I was so excited that I finally finished the army and all I wanted to do at first is to do NOTHING; in the first week I was at home enjoying life doing all the stuff I missed doing everyday while I was in the army.

After a week its get boring I had to find something do to and keep myself busy. I was looking for a job that I’ll enjoy and that in the end I could save up money for a trip and for the university. I wanted a job that would be Included with the muadeft thing, it’s a concept that my country made for soldiers who finished their service. You need to work for 6 months in certain jobs that our country decides like factories, bakeries and gas stations. Then after that period of time you get grant funds. it’s actually worth It, even though it working for minimum wage. its just an easy way to find a job without any big resume included, that most companies require.
It took me a month after I finished the army to find a job. It was in a factory. after a week in my new job, I felt like time wasn’t moving when I was working, I didn’t like the job at all, also how they treated the workers. I decide to quit and find a new one. I decided that even that it took me time long time to find a job, I’m not going to suffer for 6 months every day in this one. I found a job in a gas station and even though it was hard in a way, it was worth it. I learn how to handle so many kinds of people, it’s actually helped me a lot working in this job. In the end I got my grand and I quit after 8 months. After that I chose to study for the psychometric tests, and next year I’m going to start the university.

Yes I still have a lot ahead of me, and a lot to learn but what I learned from those experiences is that there ‪nothing wrong with trying different things to see what the right thing for you. Also while you find a job or prepare for the trip after the army, I suggest you to think with yourself what subject you want to study in the university. If you are not confident with what you want to learn or just confused there many Institutes consulting that can help you with that.

Tips for the day after:

I think It is very important to prepare for the day after the army, and not to panic, because they’re going to be a variety of options available, which can make it to be difficult to make decisions. But you have to remember almost any decision is modification. When we find out we were wrong remember this empowering experience and a not just waste of time. It is important to see this period, if it is indeed full of confusion, a wonderful opportunity to search for personal identity and self-realization.

Go look for a job before you released from your service. Decide with yourself what you want to do. If you need sign up to complete matriculation or psychometric course. It is important to have at least initial planning, even if the plan is to take a month of freedom, as long as it purpose, and even a small point.

Many people are afraid to do the wrong decision for them, afraid not to be good at what they choose to do. but you don’t have to be. this is what life is all about, try different thing, and experience. if you make mistakes you will learn from it and just be better.

also I feel is important to mention that the friends you met in the army are friends for life, that for sure. but you need to know its going to be a bit different. you used be with them every day, now you need find time for them. unlike school friends that mostly live near to you, your friends from the army are from all over the country. there need to be effort, from both sides to keep in touch. Have a active WhatsApp group, that will help. also remember that they are your biggest support, when you feel down, or confused about everything. talk to them, because they also going through the exact same thing as you.

Let’s not forget the big trip before the university. I didn’t do it yet. but for you, the one who plan to do it. if you need save money work for it. its great when you have goal, and something exciting to look for. a purpose for what you do. I hope you will have incredible experience traveling the world.

So that’s it. i’ll appreciate if you send me your comments via Twitter @amitbmoshe

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Amit Ben Moshe lives in Israel. She recently finished two years service in the Navy and is going to study in Jerusalem soon. Follow Amit on Twitter at @amitbmoshe
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