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Life in the New Heavenly-Jerusalem Cosmic Cycle

This is the area of the Seven Lakes on the sacred mountain Rila in Bulgaria. Here for many years we had our International Summer Assemblies. The warm-hearted Friendship, the beauty of Nature and the Divine Presence revealed to us the essence of the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle of evolution.

In the Post, The Ten Heavens in the Heavenly-Jerusalem cycle, from December, 24, 2022, I introduced the Tree of Life of the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle in the World of Creation. These Ten Heavens are connected with the Ten Sefiroth as follows:

Keter in the World of Creation


Union with the CREATOR

Binah                                                                      Hokhmah

Participation in the Divine Wedding           Cocreation in the New Genesis

Gevurah                                                                Hesed

The Day of Resurrection                     Meeting the New Comings


The New Heaven – The Heavenly Jerusalem

Hod                                                                    Nezah

Building the Seven Temples   Testament of the Divine Rainbow


The New Earth – The Garden of Paradise


The New Humankind in the reality of the Universal Soul

Each Sefirah could be described through a vast Programme for spiritual work. Because we have to co-create with the Divine Masters and the Personifications of the Divine Feminine, as an example, I will start with the Sefirah Hesed, Meeting the New Comings of the Divine Masters on the ethereal level. This will be a series of Posts and could include the Second Comings (or Coming) of many Founders of religions and their Feminine Counterparts. Let me emphasise that in the World of Creation the work is with living energies (of sacred words, spiritual music, colour rays of light, organic movements) and celestial archetypes. Here it is important also to note that from the Sefirah Hesed starts the construction of the lower Worlds in the Tree of Life

The content of the following Posts came as a result of my personal journey and the collective work of our international spiritual group of friends from various countries. I am deeply grateful to all of them and their contribution will appear in the Posts. Life in the new Heavenly Jerusalem cosmic cycle is life in love, friendship, mutual understanding, collaboration and co-creation. It is amazing to witness and appreciate how much the creativity in the new cycle is a collective one.  This is why many of the Posts have a biographic, documental,  programme and project character. 

Each Post in the coming series contains various sections dealing with: a) the existing prophecies; b) individual mystical experiences; c) collective experiences of our international group of friends; d) suggested programmes for common work, prayer and meditation. So, in the first section of the Posts, I am quoting some existing prophecies from the world religions related to the New Coming of the Divine Masters and the Personifications of the Divine Feminine. They are based on material from authentic sources quoted in my book The Second Coming, published in Ireland in 1995.

In the second section, I describe some of my metaphysical and mystical experiences connected with the fulfilment of the prophecies. My spiritual journey lasts more than fifty years and I was blessed to link with many Divine Masters and Personifications of the Divine Feminine. These links unfolded in amazing existential visions and stories. In greater detail they are described in my Autobiographic book, On the Path of Enlightenment. Here I am quoting some of the stories only to illustrate the way in which we could anticipate our link with the Divine Masters.

In the third section, I introduce the experiences of our international group of spiritual friends from various countries. Over the years we had more than fourteen Summer Assemblies on the sacred mountain Rila in Bulgaria and many group celebrations, seminars and workshops. In them we experienced the prophecies of the Second Coming and the main celestial archetypes from the Holy Scriptures, describing the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth, where the enlightened humankind will continue its evolution.

The fourth section is an appeal to all awakening souls on Earth to participate in fulfilling the prophecies and to meet the Divine Masters and Personifications of the Divine Feminine on an ethereal level in order to co-create with them. Judging by  the experiences of our international group, this spiritual work is very joyful, inspiring and rewarding for everyone who participates in it. I am mentioning briefly our experiences but my cherished dream is altogether, with the living souls from the four corners of the Earth, to invoke the presence of the Divine Masters and to influence peacefully the existing difficult situation in the world.

In the following Posts, I am sharing some solutions to the problems of contemporary humankind in the format of Programmes. I am open to many other Programmes of Initiates from all over the world. When we find each other and act together, we could fulfil the function of the Real Collective Messiah!  Moreover, in order to make the essence of some of the great Initiations in the history of humankind relative to our time, such as those of Zoroaster, Orpheus, Plato and others, I am interpreting them in much wider context, in relationship to important envisaged events in the contemporary spiritual life.

I believe that the first Post in the new series, could be considered the published Post, Exodus and the Rainbow of the New Covenant, from November 10, 2022. It gives a good preliminary idea about the new Heavenly Jerusalem cosmic cycle from the perspective of Judaism and Kabbalah. In fact, most of the already published Posts substantiate this Kabbalistic approach, for instance the description of the Ten Heavens in the new cycle, the coming of the Integral Messiah and other important topics . Of course, the focus on Kabbalah is not by chance, because it deals with Genesis of Creation from G-d and the unfoldment of the Tree of Life in the various cosmic cycles of human evolution.

The Next, second, Post in this particular series, is connected with meeting the New Coming of Zoroaster. Here it is interesting to note that, according to the great Kabbalist Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi,  Zoroaster, himself, introduced for the first time in human history the notion of the Second Coming and the events at The End of Time: As regards the Persian esoteric tradition, it introduced the motion of the Messiah and the concept of the Resurrection at the End of Time. This is when Existence is re-absorbed into the Godhead after a final Day of Judgment on humanity’s performance. The role of the Messiah was later seen as the title of whoever occupied a particular place in the chain of enlightened individuals. There would always be such a person incarnate throughout history. Known as the Axis of the Age, the Messiah was the connection between those on Earth and the Great Holy Council in the upper Worlds. (Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, A Kabbalistic View of History, Kabbalah Society, 2012, p. 88).

Generally, in my Posts I will extend the content of the Second Comings, for instance of Zoroaster, Orpheus, Plato and others, because we have not only to meet the Divine Masters, but also to co-create with them in accordance with the envisaged Projects.

Dear Friends, let us act for peace, light, love, wisdom and truth in the world. Everybody has their unique place, role and mission, but altogether we could enter in resonance and contribute to the re-creation of the word.  In this process the Divine Masters and the Personifications of the Divine Feminine will be our guides and inspirers. My task is to share these wonderful possibilities and to invite you for a collective action.


About the Author
Leon was born on August 15, 1941 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His family was victim of a Holocaust Ghetto. His father Issak Moscona became a distinguished author of many articles and books about the Sephardic culture. Leon is on a spiritual journey for more than 50 years. Achieving Enlightenment, he described it in more than twenty books, many articles, and more than 500 lectures in various countries in Europe and USA.
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