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Lift the winter blues with color!

Colorful wool coats at Max&Co.
Colorful wool coats at Max&Co.
Max&Co. storefront in Florence, Italy.

I don’t know about you, but walking down the street in winter has such a depressing effect on me.

It’s cold, so people are rushing to get to their destinations, and we have less daylight hours.

But also? The streets are a sea of black coats. Black, it’s true, is practical. It doesn’t show dirt. It’s also what they sell in the pretty much every store that sells coats. And it’s classic.

But I know that for so many people, black is the default colour that they find easily, and so they don’t look any further.

So here’s an idea for a more uplifting winter experience:

Multi-colored Max&Co. coats. Florence, Italy.

Look for a coat in a colour you love, that will pair well with the rest of your wardrobe (personally, I own non-black coats in camel, light grey/taupe, and in a colourful tartan reminiscent of the Stewart black modern tartan).

Buy some scarves, hats and gloves in colours that pair well with your coat so your final look is cohesive.

And voila! Not only will you be lifting your dark winter mood, you’ll be positively impacting the people who see you, too!

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