Lions and cowards and hypocrites

Last week was quite interesting.  Disturbing as well.  But then again, I cannot remember these last few years when a week went by that had not been disturbingly noteworthy for some reason or another.  For those who have been reading my blog for, to this point, nearly a year, you know I have been kvetching about all that has been or not been happening, because I truly believe that because of a lack of proper leadership the world is going to hell.  So many terrible things happening, so many stupid decisions being made.  All seemingly unabated.

And then we have Cecil.  The lion that was killed by a hunter in Zimbabwe in July about which his story has now inundated the airwaves. As if there was nothing else going on in the world.

Let me first say that if the killing of that lion was done illegally, and from everything we are hearing it was, there should be the appropriate penalties.  And I would also like to say, I personally would find no pleasure in hunting and killing those big game type animals just for sport.  Certainly doing so where the animal suffers is repugnant to me.

But damn, people!  Where is the perspective?  The world has been buried in one story after another of poor old fluffy Cecil, the pride of his, um, pride. There are plenty of lion attacks in many parts of Africa where people, not hunters, but regular people, men, women and children, are brutally torn apart and eaten by the big cats and without provocation.  And when those cats are chomping on innocent people, we hear nothing.  And we see nothing.  No pictures of human remains lying at the feet of the bloody lions.  (Google lion attacks in Zimbabwe and you will see many articles about lion attacks.)

But heaven forbid, fluffy-mained Cecil, who looked like a perfectly blow-dried large stuffed animal gets killed, and yes, in a stupid and selfish way, holy crap, it’s like all hell broke loose.  It was as if Israel was retaliating for its citizens being butchered by Hamas terrorists.  Worldwide outrage and condemnation.  Torches and pitchforks.  Some even called for the strangely-obsessed-with-big-game-hunting dentist to be executed!

There are children being killed every week in the inner cities and it is as if no one cares.  ISIS beheading Christians just because they are Christians?  Nothing.  Iran, Al-Qaeda, and the rest of those similarly-disposed Islamic barbarians laying waste to humanity, committing one atrocity after another?  Who cares.  Billions and billions of dollars, and soon atomic bombs, in the hands of the worst people on earth because of irresponsible, naïve and greedy world leaders.  Nada.  Sheesh.

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An ultra-Orthodox man, three weeks after being released from prison after serving ten years for stabbing participants in Jerusalem’s Gay Pride Parade in 2005, did it again last Thursday, stabbing six marchers.  Yesterday, one of the wounded, a 16-year-old girl, died of her wounds.  The assailant had a psychological evaluation and was found fit to stand trial.  So he was crazy but not insane.

On Friday, a Palestinian house in a town called Duma, about 30 miles or so northeast of Jerusalem, was firebombed apparently by Jewish settler extremists.  An 18-month-old baby was killed.  His four-year-old brother is in critical condition and his mother and father suffered wounds as well.  What a horrific abomination!

Israel, what the hell is going on?  You fight against terrorists every second of every day and we do our best – those who support you, not on the front line like you, of course – by fighting in our own ways with you.  But terrorists are terrorists.  I am ashamed that the coward who killed Shira Banki at a parade, and the cowards who burned Ali Saad Dawabsha alive in his home were Jews.  I am embarrassed, appalled, angry and heartbroken that after everything we have gone through as a people over the ages and continue to go through, we have within our midst Jewish terrorists.  Words cannot describe my disgust.

There are many reasons Israel loses the war of public opinion, the vast majority of it unfair, but when despicable murders like these are committed, well, it makes it that much harder.  The Jew-haters cannot wait for these kinds of atrocities to occur.  When they do, when we Jews act no better than Hamas or Fatah terrorists, we give permission to the hypocritical forces who wish nothing but evil on Israel and the Jewish people.

Having said this, on the other side of the coin, those same Israel-bashers do not care in the least, and in fact defend, attacks against Jews, deadly attacks that happen every day.  In fact, within the same week of the Gay Pride Parade and Duma attacks, there were aggressions against Jews, including firebomb attacks, unreported by most media outlets of course.  And the stone throwing that kills and maims is ceaseless.

For those way too quick and willing to condemn all for a terrible minuscule few, contrary to the Jew-haters’ and the self-haters’ beliefs, not all Orthodox Jews or ultra-Orthodox Jews, and not all Israeli settlers, are murderers or evil people.  But that will never matter to those who hate the Jewish people.

And this is the point.  We cannot allow ourselves to be like the Jihadists and those who support them.  Yes, the odds are always against us, but if we act no better than Islamic radicals we don’t deserve a Jewish homeland.  Those Jews who act like terrorists should be treated as such.  And those who harbor similar abhorrent desires should be expelled.  Maybe to Hamas in Gaza, where they can be with other violent extremists.

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Shia Altman who hails from Baltimore, MD, now lives in Los Angeles. His Jewish studies, aerospace, and business and marketing background includes a BA from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Baltimore. When not dabbling in Internet Marketing, Shia tutors Bar and Bat Mitzvah, and Judaic and Biblical Studies to both young and old.
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