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‘Little Brown Babies’

“I was born backwards. That is why I work in Africa as missionary teaching little brown babies more backwards than myself.” (Ingrid Bergman in her Oscar winning performance as Greta Ohlsson in the 1974 movie “Murder on the Orient Express”)
Ms. Ohlsson is one those repressed female characters that Agatha Christie, Somerset Maugham and other English writers are so fond of describing.

Arch detective, Hercule Poirot (played by Albert Finney) artfully draws Ms Olson out, never signaling where he is going.
Soon we see that for all her modesty and self-effacement Ms. Ohlsson’s charitable activities are a way of receiving recognition in her otherwise nondescript life.

Ms. Ohlsson reminds me the pale female behemoth barreling out of the dark who sucker punches a man taping her and her “missionaries” as they attack a downtown building.

On a different scale, of course.

Their motivation is the same.

Another video revealed a doughy looking masked woman shrieking at a  black man in an attempt to force him to let her and her co-activists tear down a statue of President Lincoln paid for by freed American slaves. He calmly asks her what she knows about the statue.  Infuriated, she stalks off.

The female (why is it always women?) mayors of Chicago, Milwaukee and Seattle have failed to respond to the domestic terrorism occurring in their cities and in some instances, even encouraged it. 

“It’s a block party!” the Seattle mayor declared, “a summer of love!”

The Caucasian Corps’ latest political action is storming the few restaurants that have managed to survive the pandemic. 
Though the patrons are following Health Department guidelines, the howling warriors rush in screaming “Black people are dying!” as they unfurl huge horizontal professionally printed “Black Lives Matter!”  banners in the faces of the hapless diners. The implied motto is “Civil liberties for me, but not for thee!” (including the right to congregate).  Apparently it never occurred to these troopers that the enterprise they just invaded might be owned by a black person.

At heart, white progressives are racist.

Their vision of the world includes one where minorities are always “little brown babies” and they are the ones rushing in to save them.

Welcome to Honkytown!

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