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Through all this universal mixture of conflicted principles and ideals, democracy and autocracy, conservatives and liberals, far-left and far-right— a particular phenomenon features prominently as a jigsaw that the world today is grappling with.

There is two newfangled blocs floating on the global political surface: those who are racists but pretending to stand by the Jews’ side, and those who are anti-Semites and pretending to stand by the Muslims and immigrants’ side. In a perfect world that’s an unusual order, an equation that should be reshuffled to make sense. Therein, however, lies the rub: It is meant not to make sense. And that’s exactly why it is thriving in an int’l political system that was designed to repudiate it. It works through the state of confusion and doubt.

In my book, Mr.Trump is a Janus-faced politician, and his enthusiasm for the Jewish people is highly questionable.

His constant mentions of Israel and the Jews in his hysterical tweets aimed at the so-call the Squad (the four freshmen Congresswomen,) shows how much he is harming the Jewish community in the US and the state of Israel for the sake of his own political gambit. He wants to appease the evangelicals, that is understood, but at the expanse of the Jewish reputation and social status, making them, without their consent, the enemies of his enemy.

As a result, he deliberately weaponized the Jewish element in his campaign against his democratic rivals, and also used it as a shelter when he found himself in hot water over accusations of being a racist.

Trump thinks, like any businessman, that he did the Jews many “favors” and now it’s time for the payback. If they keep silent as he claims them and defames their image in the eyes of the public opinion, linking the name of Israel and Jews to his campaign against his political opponents, they would risk the possibility of being seen by his rivals as complicit. And if they rebuke his racist remarks they would risk to be labeled as ungrateful.

Yet he is a “necessary evil.” He withdrew from a badly negotiated nuclear agreement with Iran, he reimposed sanctions on the Mullahs’ regime that threatens Israel with annihilation, he is working on designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. By contrast, all his democratic rivals who are willing to run for presidency, have already vowed to dismantle this functional anti-Islamist policy.

For Jeremy Corbyn, the other face of the coin, “the anti-Semite but not a racist,” his purported fervent support for Muslims— he actually went even farther to support terror Islamist groups like Hamas—is not deriving from an honest sense of humanism and multiculturalism, not at all. An anti-Semite is by definition a racist nut and vice versa. It is rather a strategy to get rid of them through the process of gradual and calculated normalization of the British society with anti-Semitism, and if that happened it wouldn’t be hard to tackle the other “inferior races.” The first move leading to that goal has already begun by turning his Labour party into a new “Wolf’s Lair,” Cramming it with like-minded bigots.

For Corbyn and the far-right movements across Europe alike, To defeat the spirit of the post–World War II, its institutions, its great values and ideals of tolerance, equality, freedom and pluralism, it is imperative to start from the center of gravity of that system of thought, from that one event that caused the inception of that system and called forth that consciousness about humans’ vulnerability to self-destruction under potential ideologies— the mass murder of Jews, the legacy of the Holocaust. Unlike Trump, for Corbyn Islamism and the anti-Israel movements are the appropriate tools.

If that enlightened spirit were disintegrated, the memoir of the Holocaust obliterated, dark rumors against the Jews restored, anti-Semitic laws weakened, then one major moral and psychological Pilar that stood steadily for decades against racism and fascism would  be broken, giving way to the emergence of a new neo-Nazi and neo-authoritarianism era. That, Unfortunately, is enabled by the strong presence of Islamic anti-Semitism in Britain and across Europe, empowering this endeavor.

Is there an underground organization that uses this conglomerate of collided forces from the far-right to the far-left to Islamist groups alongside the media, the social media, journalists, activists, businessmen and industrialists, and work them under a comprehensive plan and in various and complicated ways to establish a Fourth Reich or a similar order?

What if Trump of America, Corbyn of Britain, Bolsonaro of Brazil, Marine Le Pen of the French National Rally, Giuseppe Conte of Italy and the leaders of Eastern Europe and the notorious Sheikhs of Arabia were just members of that club of modern descents of Nazis and fascists planing to re-establish the Nazi system? (Still, Trump seems more of an ultra-nationalist xenophobic than an anti-Semite; a reminiscent of those German industrialists who weren’t members of the Nazi party and yet they were lured to collaboration.)

It happened before when the Germans were persecuted everywhere. In 1996, The Independent published an article titled: “Fourth Reich plot reaveled,” stating that “Secret United States documents uncovered by a Jewish human rights group have proved the existence of a Nazi support group that sought to smuggle people and gold out of Germany in 1945, and worked for the establishment of a Fourth Reich.” The British newspaper quoted Elan Steinberg, the then-executive director at the World Jewish Congress (WJC), as saying: “Their plan was to re-establish the Nazi Party from safe havens outside Germany.”

So why not today when the circumstances are far more convenient than 70 years ago; anti-Semitic laws have tangibly loosened, mainstream liberal parties are visibly feeble, populism is on the raise, far-right parties across Europe are gaining more parliamentarian seats, white supremacists—emboldened by Muslim communities’ anti-Semitism—scour the streets of Europe waving swasticas and openly glorifying the Nazi horrors, personality cults re-emerged and Islamic petrodollars are pouring indiscriminately into any campaign aiming to slander the Jews.

No need for “safe havens” anymore. they moved to the center; the capitals of the rules-based liberal world order that once saw their collapse are once more witnessing their rise from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle.

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Taha Lemkhir is a Moroccan writer and photographer. Degree in Arabic literature and Islamic studies. Critic of Islamism. languages: Arabic, English and Spanish. He Lived part of his life as an Islamist— until enlightenment flashed through his heart.
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