Living under the Knife

I’m angry when I hear the news.

I’m angry that people forget that Arab attacks on Jews go back to Mohammed and still continue. (Don’t get me started on Christianity’s history of anti-Semitism.) I am angry that I am surrounded by two hundred and fifty million Arabs with their codes of honour and shame, obedience and tribalism. I am angry that Islam, the youngest of the three major monotheistic religions, retains juvenile delinquent traits: intolerance, passion, violence, impulsivity, conformity, poor abstract reasoning and lack of empathy. I am angry about the fellaheen who have barely survived for generations and who resent and envy Jewish improvements even in medicine and sanitation. I am angry at those Arabs who would destroy rather than improve their lives.

I am angry that Israeli humanitarianism is regarded with suspicion, our self-defence as excessive brutality and our explanations as lies.

I am angry when the misappropriated terms apartheid, fascism, genocide, racism are thrown at us.

I am also angry because the expression ‘never again’ has become wishful thinking. I am angry that Theodore Herzl’s naive dream of the end of anti-Semitism with the establishment of a Jewish state is now the focus of the greatest anti-Semitism.

I am angry because some of the biggest anti-Semites are Jewish Quislings, ‘useful idiots’ in the campaign to deligitimize and demonize Israel.

I am angry when the finest of us, the most innocent of us, and the most vulnerable of us are murdered in the streets because they are easy targets.
I am angry that kamikaze assassins are recruited to stab, disembowel and butcher on social media. I am angry that real time violence and executions have become the new pornography. And we don’t even have to go to the Roman coliseum or public guillotine to get our thrills. We have progressed to watching it on YouTube.

I am angry because I finally understand why Noah’s inhumane generation came to a full stop.

I am angry because as a Jew I can’t walk in East Jerusalem or the Moslem half of the Old City, while Arabs walk fearlessly everywhere in Jerusalem. I am angry that I need to carry pepper spray and fear every passerby who looks like an Arab. I am angry because I don’t want to fear or dislike people due to the fanatical insanity of a few.

I am angry because I know the larger purpose of terrorism is to dishearten and wear us down. And I am angry because I see no end to it.
 I am angry because too many Israelis won’t see that our country’s existence and survival is a miracle and that that miracle emanates from Above.

I am angry at human stupidity even though I love humanity.
 I am angry because the world has forgotten that without Judaism there would be no Christianity or Islam. And we still serve as a moral compass, as a counterpoint to Hobbes’ (and by extension Hitler’s) nasty, short and brutish existence.

I am angry that my old compatriots are relieved that they live in Toronto or New York or Miami. Don’t believe that, my friends. There are no safe havens, anywhere.

I am angry that the world doesn’t share my anger. I am angry at its silence.

I don’t want to be angry anymore.

About the Author
Ruth has been a Judaica artist for over forty years and an olah, originally from Toronto, for four years.
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