We’ve lost our way.  We look back in history in envy of great times. Times when leaders bred hope, inspired and paved the way.  Today our small country has lost its way.  We’ve been led astray, but the fault is our own; wandered into the woods with no compass to guide us; clouded by our pride, we believed we were invincible.  But, our country is divided; our cities are plagued by violence.  When we travel, our reputation precedes us.  No longer are we welcomed as the bearers of light, respected as the people of the book.

We’ve turned our frustrations inwards; we’re struggling amongst ourselves. Once a source of pride, our diversity now polarizes us.  A people of many cultures, histories and traditions kept together by a common thread has begun fraying at the edges.

Dare I wonder — would we be better off if we had a common enemy?  Maybe a common enemy, an existential threat, would bring us together unite us, las in times past.  But alas, this strategy, employed by our leaders, has brought us to our current state. Have we really come to this? To times where we long for days of war? Where men fought side by side and gave their lives so the other shall live?

Perhaps, hope, not fear, should guide us, light the way. חדש ימינו כקדם “Hope in the renewal of our times like in the days of old.”  When feelings of pride swept the streets, flags hung high and we were a proud people. Pride in our people and our books; the light they bring to distant corners of the world.

About the Author
Jonathan made aliyah from New York in 2003 and enlisted in the IDF, where he served as a combat officer. He currently holds the rank of Major in the reserves. Jonathan completed a bachelor's and master's degree in international relations from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. After working for Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and Prime Minister Netanyahu, Jonathan made a career change to medicine. He is currently a medical student at Ben-Gurion University in the Negev.
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