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Lovely Israel

Whilst I realize that good news never makes it to the press. However I am going to tell you about this amazing young girl.

She served her ‘Sherut Leumi’ within the Ethiopian community of Jerusalem, and got to know and understand the culture and traditions of Ethiopia. She loved it all, and loved the people.  She put in many many extra hours, teaching the schoolchildren helping them get better grades in school. She organized one budding musician to meet backstage his idol Ravid Plotnick.  Who was so kind to him.   She helped the families in so many ways.  She became an integral part of the community.

After leaving ‘Sherut Leumi,’ she volunteered through the Jewish Agency to go to Gondar, Ethiopia and stay in the Agency’s camp there.  To help acclimatize the residents before their Aliyah to Israel.  She went with Israeli music to imbue them with a love of the music of the country.  She went full of enthusiasm to assist and help in any way she could.  Much to the anxiety of her family and friends.  Overcoming all resistance, she bravely flew off.

Now, she is returning to Israel, and is flying back with a group of Ethiopians who are making Aliyah.  Some of this group are relations of families in Jerusalem.  Families she knows and loves.   They are all coming full of hope and excitement to Israel, to fulfil their dreams.  To make a new life here.

Imagine the feeling and the atmosphere on that flight! I think that this shows the other side of Israel, the lovely side, the volunteer spirit, the generous giving side of this country and this is worth publishing too.

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Made aliya in 1960, worked in the English department of Kol Israel, dealt in tourism for 30 years, brought up a family. Generally a "normal" life here in this challenging country.
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