LSE breaks own rule on neutral chair for external meetings

LSE has a longstanding internal rule that controversial events need a chair who is seen as neutral. Tonight (7 November) this highly controversial event is scheduled. Note that it is a university event – not a PalSoc event.

Arguably it should not be happening. Omar Barghouti calls for the end of the Jewish State of Israel (“One State”). To deny Jews the right of self-determination is antisemitic (IHRA Definition). The meeting therefore violates LSE’s Prevent Duty as well as its Duty of Care to Jewish students.

But what is absolutely clear is that the chair is far from neutral. Ayça Çubukçu (Assistant Professor in Human Rights, Department of Sociology, LSE) has at least twice signed BDS petitions:

#26 here
#230 here

Those attending this meeting (preregistered only and it’s full) are encouraged to sit near the front and protest silently with A4-size signs saying “LSE hosts anti-Semites” and (unless LSE finds a truly independent chair to replace Çubukçu) “Israel Hate Meeting With Biased Chair”.

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