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By the Grace of G-d

Lulu’s instructive comment

The Brazilian leader compared the Gaza war to the Nazis. Sure, in his comparison, he mixed up villains with heroes. No problem. Standard fare for an antisemite. Nevertheless, Lulu’s comment is quite instructive.

Everything that happens in this world, a world created and conducted by the Creator, happens by Divine providence. Everything that we see and hear, is a lesson in how to better serve G-d.

Lulu inadvertently reminds us of a crucial piece of history which is highly informative, especially for those (like Lulu) who have been demanding a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, in order to stop civilian casualties.

When the Allies fought against Nazis in World War Two, there were no half measures. The Allies were determined to uproot, break and eliminate the Nazis, for the sake of mankind — even if it meant bombing German cities and killing civilians.

Like the Nazis, Hamas is pure evil which must be eradicated. Israel is actually doing much more than the Allies did, to try to avoid civilian casualties. With the Almighty’s help, Israel’s army is achieving tremendous success in destroying Hamas.

Lulu made a lulu (sorry, couldn’t resist) of a comment which can serve to inform and guide us.

Evil is being eradicated. Despite protests from Lulu and others, Israel perseveres. Perhaps we are very close to the complete and final Redemption with Moshiach, when evil and impurity will be removed from the world, and G-d’s glory will shine for all to see.

May it happen very soon.

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