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Many news agencies fake neutrality and integrity while spreading Jew-hatred

These ‘mistakes’ are always to the disadvantage of the same side

The media play a major role in the spreading of Antisemitism. It is totally untrue that these writers are mostly Iranian, Russian, Chinese, or terrorist thugs. Rather, they’re Westerners, hating Jews all their lives. Nice, decent, learned, talented bigots, always spewing low-level Jew-hatred, encouraged by October 7 that extermination of all Jews could be imminent, and feeling responsible and driven to aid their Chamas buddies in their hour of need.

Let’s look at the tricks most employed, some “examples” and analyses.

1. Making the Headline Partial


Making the headline partial and putting nuances or essential parts of the story that represent the whole truth later, in smaller or even fine print.

2. Low-Level Corrections

“It turns out that the hospital was not touched. The projectile was a failed rocket from the Islamic Jihad. It was meant to hit Israeli civilians (a war crime). It fell in the parking lot of the hospital. Maybe less than a dozen people died, if any. No funerals were held, no patients interviewed.”

Once the lie has spread around the globe, news agencies publish a pro forma correction that ‘proves’ their neutrality. But the local media won’t carry the rectification. It’s reported already, old news, and not sensational.

Antisemites and other bigots also work like this. They say the most outrageous things that get published (and often believed) widely. Then they ‘change their minds’ or ‘clarify’ but only for the form and in a whisper.

3. Pretending Only One Side is Right and Worthy of Empathy

“Look at this blood! They will kill us all! The IDF claims it wasn’t them.”

Bringing unsubstantiated accusations by angry people as facts and adding to denials, provided by democratic (answerable) authorities: “, they said.”

4. Minimizing Some Suffering

“Look at the blood! They’ll kill us all! Israelis are safe in fortified hospitals.”

Magnifying the unfathomable (often fake) suffering of one side and minimizing and rationalizing the suffering of the other side.

It’s not hard to find a couple of blood bags in a hospital and pour them out onto the parking lot asphalt. Israeli civilians live under constant stress from Chamas targeting them (a war crime), which is not undone by having bomb shelters. But Israel protects where it can, also with the Iron Dome.

5. Building on Known Biases

“The IDF retaliated.”

This is a dog whistle to the Christian anti-Judaist “Jews have the cruel god of revenge and Christians have the God of love and turn the other cheek.”

The IDF doesn’t retaliate. It deters.

“The Palestinians are stunned by so much cruelty.”

If you would know the whole picture, you would see how humane Israelis are. Most Israeli Muslims agree. Antisemites don’t.

6. Having Anti-Zionist and Zionist Articles

  • Op-ed: Many refugees fled to the overcrowded hospital. How long will Palestinians still suffer without a State, money, or food?
  • Op-ed: Israel must defend itself, but this was not of Israel’s doing.

With the former going viral and the latter ignored, it’s not balanced at all.

7. Having a Token Right-Wing Piece Among All the Left-Wing Pieces

“The only language Arabs understand is force.”

Always by an extreme right-winger. That’s not to balance but to disqualify.

8. Having a Special Outlet or Reporter on the Ground

“Again, Gazans suffer under Israeli actions. The IDF denies responsibility.”

They feign expertise and inside knowledge but are just reliably one-sided.

9. Discrediting the Story from One Side Because the Others Lie “Too”

“Understandably, Chamas and the IDF are both very upset, so we cannot know what happened. Meanwhile, it’s the Palestinians who suffer.”

10. Equalizing Both Sides of a Conflicting Story

“Chamas and the IDF have different readings of what happened. [But we know Jews/Israel disregard human life and their propensity to lying.]”

This leaves the media consumers confused about which side is lying. When they can’t judge this in all fairness, honesty, and objectivity, the bad is neutralized, and preconceived ideas are reinforced.

Antisemitism gives Jews a bad name, so even an honest, neutral report blames the Jews when they’ve done nothing wrong. The innocence of Israel and the IDF must be extra stressed not to spread Jew-hatred!

11. Not Pointing Out Ridiculous Claims

“We declare a three-day warning for the 473 innocent people Israel slaughtered in the hospital.”

How can there be 473 dead and no body bags or thousands of wounded? The hospital has 200 beds. Where are the wounded of this ‘massacre’?

Faulty numbers are a part of the lying. Gaza is not one of the most densely populated places on earth and has 1.7 million inhabitants, not 2.2 million.

12. Leaving Out Causes

“Israel is objectively eviler because it kills more innocent people.”

Chamas only built bomb shelters for terrorists, not for the population. Not even proper housing. Their projectiles are launched from civilian areas (a war crime) to kill as many (Israeli) civilians as possible (a war crime). Every accidental or collateral Gazan death by anyone is a victory for Chamas.

13. Picking Historic Cut-Off Dates to Obscure Jews’ Fairness

“The hospital was full of ‘refugees.'”

No, not refugees. These were civilians whom Chamas used as human shields (a war crime) who were liberated by the IDF.

“Israel turned Gaza into an open-air prison.”

The blockade had to be done to stop the import of weapons. Egypt was part of the cordon. Building materials, food, and medicines were let in. Patients with complicated illnesses were treated freely in Israeli hospitals.

“The West Bank is full of roadblocks. Everywhere the separation wall.”

The “wall” is almost everywhere a fence, not a wall. It’s only a wall in heavily populated areas. The fence and the roadblocks were built against terrorist infiltration and car theft, not to hinder or isolate Muslim populations. Don’t blame banks for putting bars on the windows; blame the thieves. You can show all the crying relatives of someone going to jail, but fair reporting will begin by stating why he deserves to be locked up. Israelis need to be searched for weapons every place people congregate. That’s because of terrorists, not because Israelis like body searches.

“It’s the anger about 70 years of occupation.”

Until the Six-Day War 56 years ago, Gaza was part of Egypt. For decennia, there are no Israelis in Gaza. But just as after the expulsion from Spain, no Jews need to be present to continue Jew-hatred.

The hatred for Jews was already present before the Six-Day War (1967) or Israel’s declaration of independence (1948). That’s why the new, trimmed Jewish State was immediately attacked: We don’t want Jews. Unconnected to any occupation. Just like Christian Jew-hatred that was always baseless.

14. Unequal and Faulty Language

Hundreds of thousands of Jews have been ordered to evacuate their homes for their safety. Gazans, too, were warned by the IDF to get out of harm’s way, but they are “fleeing refugees”? Look at the differences! But the latter are pitied, and the former are ignored by the anti-Jewish press.

Israelis “died.” No perpetrator suggested. Gazans “were killed.”

Talking about “Israelis” and “Palestinians” as if two States would solve anything. The conflict lies between Jews and Muslims, who easily can live in one (Jewish) State dedicated to equality and democracy.

Arab villages but Jewish “settlements” around Gaza. These were Jewish villages in areas belonging to Jews/Israel as long as Tel Aviv. And then there are the “Palestinian refugee camps.” Yet, no tents. Villages with 4-5 generations. Created to ensure these people won’t integrate into Muslim populations. They are raised on the Antisemitic pipedream that soon, all Jews will be dead, and they can “return” to the places they never saw.

“Stop the occupation.” The only occupation is of parts of the West Bank by the dictatorship of the Palestinian Authority leaving their Muslim hostage without money, democracy, and rights like free elections and speech, freedom of worship or assembly, or a free press.

15. An Unequal Battle

“We call upon both Chamas and Israel to minimize civilian casualties.”

This is like during WW II calling upon Jews and Germans to lower the hate.

Israel is a democracy and protects against genocide; Chamas are terrorists and a dictatorship, using all the war crimes in the books to get to genocide. Chamas rule is violent and autocratic, leaving the most heavily subsidized people in the world without basic needs or security.

16. Staging Events and Creating “News”

“Can you give us an eyewitness report of how the whole thing unfolded?”

Unless you were there, it’s hard to figure out the whole thing was staged.

The worst professional flaw is not to report but to create ‘the news.’

Pallywood is a whole industry with also different norms for honesty, whereby honor and goals are more important than facts and causes.

17. Omitting Crucial Information

It is reasonable to suspect reporters were cherry-picking and not ‘free’ to report from a dictatorship. They should warn viewers they’re not allowed to film and say whatever they want. An example (which can’t be verified) is when wounded bystanders are wheeled into a hospital, they are filmed, but before the hurt terrorists are wheeled in, the cameras are stopped.

18. Feeding the World Anti-Jewish Stereotypes

“Jews are ruthless, heartless, baby-killing, morally inferior, revengeful, fanatical, shrewd, all-powerful, money-grabbing, oppressive monsters whose only friends are reactionary brutes.” “They can’t help themselves because they once were the victims (Holocaust) but why make innocent others (Palestinians, Blacks) suffer?” “If Israel was innocent, why then are there all these accusations? Where is smoke, is fire.” “Wherever they are, there is conflict and moral deprivation.” “Jews are every oppressed group’s enemy.” “They have more money than others so they are thieves.”

On the latter point: Most Jews are blue-collar workers. Jews statistically have more money because they work harder against genocidal dangers.

If all we hear is that women are silly and less strong, logical, and smart, is it then (at least a little bit) true? Of course not. That is the oppression.

Left-wingers first boycott the Jewish State and then complain it relies on right-wing powers? Those are the progressives who abandon us when we’re held hostage by reactionary leaders. First, they kick you, and then, they blame you for bleeding.

Whenever Jews are portrayed as less moral than you, you know it’s a lie.

19. The Passive Tense is Used to Hide the Culprits

“War broke out.” “Tensions are high in Jerusalem.”

Wars don’t break out—they are caused by people. Of course, people feel tense after a terrorist attack. Why omit the preceding terrorism?

20. Quoting Antisemitism

“The Pope/President/PM/… said …”

Just quoting others speaking against Jews may be in an honest report, but it still spreads Antisemitism. The impact is worse when the speaker is seen as honest but is naïve enough to repeat anti-Jewish lies he heard. A good journalist must not serve as an agent of bigots or their useful idiots.

21. Faking Equality Rendering Words Meaningless

Chamas is a terrorist group, but the IDF commits acts of terror too.”

This is just like claiming: the Nazis hated the Jews, but the Jews disliked the Nazis too. Or, if you don’t want a Holocaust parallel: Yes, the bank robbers were shooting like crazy, your honor, but so were the police.

22. Buttism

“Yes, Chamas may have committed war crimes, but …”

The but kills all that was said before. He may have beaten his wife, but …

This is not evenhandedness but rather neutralizing (denying) evil.

Related to Whataboutism: A trick to dodge criticism by countering: “Well, what about what they did/do?!” Seemingly related is to justify slandering the enemy and then adding: Though we are not perfect either. By pro forma, minimizing the seriousness, thus justifying the baseless accusation.

23. Lying

There is no Antisemitism without lying. From subtle dishonesty, being a bit liberal with the facts, coloring the news, adding or leaving our important details, making it up as you go, to quoting blood libels as if historical facts.

Lies give oxygen to Antisemitism. Without them, it dies.

A willful liar is fundamentally different from a useful naïve idiot.

24. No, It’s Them

“Israel commits genocide.” “Israel kills babies.” “Israel is driven by hatred.” “Israel is imperialistic land grab.” “We want a ceasefire, Israel wants war.”

You are what you say, goes the Dutch saying. So, it’s not just lying, but it is saying the exact opposite of what is going on.

And preferably blaming Jews for exactly the crimes of Jew-haters or their own crimes. Hitler killed 1.5 million Jewish kids? No, Israelis are baby killers. USers stole the land? No, Zionism is imperialism and colonialism.

25. They’re Furious

“Understandably, Israel is furious after the Holocaust and October 7, so it should listen to others who are obviously more rational.”

Israel is not furious. Maybe others in our place would be. Look at our funerals. This is also a sexist fallacy, that calmer would be more rational.

Other countries, including our best allies, can stop lecturing us. Arrogant, supremacist, and disrespectful. What makes them think they’re better?

26. Faulty Comparisons

“What the IDF does to Gaza is what the Allies did to Dresden.”

In WW II, cities were targeted by both sides, as the concept of war crimes only became well-founded after the War. Nazi Germany flattened London and Rotterdam. The Allies destroyed Dresden and Hiroshima. These then were seen as legit ways to pressure an enemy régime. No More!

And, that’s not what the IDF does at all. It only targets terrorists. They hid between civilians and used them as human shields (war crimes), but the IDF warns civilians to get out of harm’s way. No citizens are targeted by Israel to put pressure on the enemy. Especially not to pressure an elitist guerilla enemy that doesn’t care about civilians—which would be useless.

27. Anti-Zionism Reporting as If Factual

One of the prime Antisemitic myths is that Jews are oppressors (and leeches). However, often, Jews are forced to seek protection from reactionary parties because the Antisemitism of the Left leaves them in danger. They don’t really have any power and are only hired by the rich.

Zionistic Jews and Israel are also portrayed as oppressors, “out to rule the world” (which Chamas actually claims to stand for), “imperialists” and “racists.” Most of the complaints of imperialism come from non-Native USers unrepented of their Country’s land grab. Jews are the autochthone people of Israel. Muslims are recent, allochthone immigrants, who don’t stem from the Canaanites at all, who died out. Jews are not a race. Anyone can join. Many did. It’s a People. Most Israeli Jews are not White but Arab. 20% of all Israelis are Gentile, with all democratic rights, just like the Jews.

For centuries, anti-Zionists claimed not to be Antisemitic. That ‘nuance’ has fallen away after the clearly Antisemitic pogrom on October 7. Around the world, demonstrators became unashamed to shout: “Kill the Jews.” Truth!


Learn to protest the anti-Jewish bias. Today’s the best day to be an activist.

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