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Maxine Peake and medical aid for Palestinians

Open letter to Maxine Peake about medical aid for Palestinians 

Dear Maxine,
Over the past days soi-disant human rights organisations have encouraged Palestinian extremists, fed fear, and as a result stopped the Palestinians getting life-saving Covid vaccine. Why? Because the vaccine was offered by Israel (see Palestinian Vaccine Fiasco).  This story exemplifies the Israel Palestine tragedy.

Maxine – you proclaim your concern for Palestinians and to that end recently directed your first play, ‘Bitterenders.  The proceeds will go to Medical Aid for Palestine.

Yet medical aid for Palestinians was offered with viable Pfizer vaccine from Israel and the Palestinian Authority chose to spurn it.

It’s now too late for that batch, expiring end of July, much of which is now being used on Israeli teenagers.  Medical aid was rejected by the Palestinian authority, with misguided encouragement and interference by outsiders, such as Human Rights Watch, Physicians for Human Rights and implicitly by media such as the New York Times.

As a result, the rest of that same batch being used in Israel, and turned down by the PA, some 700,000 doses, is now vaccinating citizens of South Korea.

You and your like- minded friends, such as Jeremy Corbyn, together with those, like you, who have signed up to cultural BDS, for instance Ian Rickson, Dominic Cooke and Kate Tempest, apparently have another opportunity to try to get this medical aid to Palestinians. That’s because there may be another batch of vaccines, expiring at the end of August.

This is an opportunity to help Palestinians. Will you:

1. Help to direct any further offer of vaccine from Israel into the waiting arms of Palestinians?  It would have a more immediate result than directing a play.

2. Use your talents to persuade colleagues and organisations, whose purpose is to aid Palestinians, to direct their energy positively, to save lives and resolve  conflict?

3. Ask organisations and people to urge the Palestinian authority to accept the next batch of surplus vaccine offered by Israel?

4. Reach out to those connected with the PSC and encourage them to support this medical aid to Palestinians instead of wasting yet more of their time demonising and delegitimising Israel and Jews aka Zionists?

5. Organise a group letter to the Guardian asking the Palestinian authority to cooperate with Israel and accept their medical aid?

Please Maxine Peake take this opportunity for direct action and encourage Palestinians to accept this and all Israeli offers of medical aid.

NB Despite misinformation and lies Israel does send medical aid to Palestinians but mostly in secret because of  destructive backlash from extremists and outsiders exemplified in the tragic vaccine fiasco. 

 We look forward to hearing back from you,

Yours sincerely,

Judith & Ged Ornstein
Creators and producers of two films and books recording primary evidence of UK Labour’s problems with Jews, links here: Whitewashed film and  book; Forced Out film and book

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Judith Ornstein is UK based and a passionate supporter of the arts, who combats the cultural boycott of Israel. Judith is the instigator of the Whitewashed and Forced Out projects, books and films using primary evidence from witnesses to expose Labour's problems with Jews. Whitewashed book and film, and valuable links can be found at www.whitewashed.co.uk Forced Out Links film and book https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B082DJ1LHD/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Forced+Out+Labour+Antisemitism&qid=1575581887&sr=8-1 Companion film here: https://youtu.be/b4f_TexfjbI
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