Me Two (Too), Me Three, Me Four/Please Leave by the Back Door

The literal disappearance of Kevin Spacey from his film for unwanted sexual advances proves if nothing that the “Me Too” sexual revolution has found a secure home in one of the bastions of American Capitalism;the entertainment industry. What could be more educational for a potential predator then an understanding of a potential disaster  as far as ratings as a consequence of their action. The loss of work as an educational consequence of doing an unacceptable act may not be exactly “the seeing of the others humanity” that is sometime advocated by women but it fits in with a general type of education which has to do with leverage; if you do this there will be consequences. All and all this type educational tool from the complainants point of view may turn into an effective weapon.

While Kevin Spacey may face many problems from his loss of work  to say that he won’t go hungry is an understatement. For many men less gifted than Kevin Spacey the same can not be said. The loss of work and the likely consequential blacklisting in the attempt to find new work is not a small matter. Yet if the truth be told  every revolution has its victims ;the Me Too revolution being no exception. How Me Too views men wrongly accused who suffer the consequence is I suppose a part of revolutionary mathematics. The equation is more or less how much common good came out of the revolution in relation to the pain and wronging of its innocent victims. It is only in the dim light of the afterburn of revolution that we begin to make the separation and begin to view unjust victims

I am an old guy. I was at university in the late sixties and early seventies .This was the era of the “liberation” including women’s liberation spurred on partially by the medical technological miracle of the pill. As most technological revolutions bring with them a spasm of education the pill didn’t disappoint. What we learned as if in one massive sociology class is that women like men enjoy sex. Indeed in the spirit of those days of equality we learned women were not simply passive sexual creatures but like men actively sought sex.  What should be clear is sexual encounters particularly layered over by the memory of years may not be simple or clear cut.The question is unfortunately how much weight is given to clarity?

The Me Too movement is a cathartic empowering movement  which being a child of its times has chosen the Net as its medium. There are other strategies in the pursuit of justice and disclosure for a sexually harassed or violated person such as the legal system. The legal system however has some distinct disadvantages for such a person as it is expensive, at many times degrading for the complainant and long and not entirely predictable for the parties involved. However when all is said and done the main advantage of the Net for the Me Too movement is disclosure is enough . As the recent Trump- Clinton election indicated the Net as a medium puts what was once known as truth as a low value both for the writer and reader. No women or as possibly in the case of Kevin Spacey no man should suffer sexual harassment or violation . Nor should they be forced to suffer it in silence. However the emotive needs of the violated in combination with the qualities of the Net create a tremendous vulnerability for the accused. We  should be aware of public lynchings.

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Born and educated in the United States Edward Stern has spent most of his adult life in Israel with the exception of five years when he lived and worked in China and Korea. He is an English teacher and sometime editor with a life long interest in politics and history. Some people have told him he is also a good photographer.
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