Members of Knesset: Amend the Abraham Accords before casting YOUR vote!

We are deeply troubled by the Israeli Cabinet’s vote of approval today to forward ratification of the Abraham Accords to the Knesset for vote.

The Prime Minister’s attempt to justify passage saying that: “This agreement is an agreement that is based on peace from strength, not peace from concessions that will weaken Israel and endanger it, but peace from Israel’s strength” is a dangerous farce.

The Abraham Accords are conditioned on the State of Israel suspending/withdrawing sovereignty over Judea/Samaria, “eastern” Yerushalayim and the Temple Mount.  Despite Prime Minister Netanyahu’s exuberant claims to the contrary, the Abraham Accords, written as is, absolutely do cede these territories!

The Prime Minister’s remarks “that broad reconciliation between Israel and the Arab world would lead to the advancement of a realistic peace between us and the Palestinians” is code for establishing a Palestinian State, G-d Forbid!

Are Israeli politicians still so blinded by economics and prestige that they refuse to acknowledge what follows every time Land for Peace agreements are signed?

The disastrous consequences that continue to beleaguer the Jewish People since 2005 when the Israeli Government forcibly expelled the Jews from Gaza in the name of peace will be multiplied a thousand times over, G-d Forbid, should the Abraham Accords be ratified as is.

The pressure on Israel to next move forward and relent to the establishment of a Palestinian State (as per the misnamed Deal of the Century) will become unbearable and back Israel into a real “cul de sac” that can only lead to pitched battles and war to get out of, G-d Forbid – as we have seen repeatedly happen, r”l.

Let us be clear:  PIKUACH NEFESH – PROTECTING JEWISH LIVES TAKES PRECEDENCE OVER EVERY OTHER CONSIDERATION and this is the main reason ratifying the Abraham Accords is wrong and unacceptable.

Therefore, Crown Hts. Women for the Safety and Integrity of Israel calls on Knesset Members to withhold their vote until the Abraham Accords are amended by:

Deleting the conditions that suspend or withdraw Israeli sovereignty and annexation indefinitely – which would mean permanently from Judea, Samaria, “eastern” Yerushalayim and the Temple Mount


Inserting clauses that will immediately and irrevocably legitimize and implement equal civil and human rights, equal protections under the law, unrestricted growth and development in these areas and equal access to security, water and infrastructure to the over 400,000 Jewish residents who live there now and any Jews who would move there in the future.

In this way, the State of Israel will truly garner the respect and admiration of its regional neighbors and become an even greater “main hub” for wealth, health and social development in the Middle East and beyond.

Peace for Peace but Never Land for Peace because it endangers millions of Jewish lives!

About the Author
I am originally from Buffalo, NY and although I did not have a religious upbringing I always felt a strong connection with Yiddishkeit and Eretz Yisroel. I still get chills recalling the moment the Rabbi announced that Israel had been attacked on Yom Kippur. In the weeks that followed, even though I really didn't understand all the details, I was the one student in my 10th grade Social Studies class who challenged our German-American teacher when he said Israel would be wiped out. Interestingly, the rest of Jewish kids in the class who came from much more Jewishly -oriented homes than I were silent. Years later I met one of them and was astounded to find out how they were all silently cheering me on. On the day the Jews were "disengaged" from Gush Katif, I was stopped in the grocery store (in Buffalo) by a little Jewish lady who whispered to me that she didn't think it was right what Israel was doing. Which just goes to show that there is a vast silent majority of Jews who agree with the Rebbe's approach to peace.
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