Memories of Munich revived

IT’S 81 years later and the winds of Munich 1938 blowing ever stronger once again …

Peace in our time? Yet again?

Another ceasefire, to be followed by another rocket barrage against the South and, maybe, not just the South, as sure as night follows day.

Appeasement, followed by acquiescence, for the sake of receiving a short interlude of relative quiet, has been tried on numerous previous occasions. Has it worked? The enemy are getting better organized, less vulnerable, their arsenal used to consist of home made toy rocket, maybe some mortars. Now they are causing havoc, everyday life gets paralyzed at Hamas’ whim and fancy, with schools closing, road and rail traffic interrupted and air traffic endangered, shelters opened as far north as Netanya. Rockets have fallen north of Tel Aviv. And Bibi Netanyahu is facilitating passage into Gaza of the cash resources  needed for Hamas to produce and/or acquire the armaments and manufacturing infrastructure. Thought he could buy quiet. That also turned out well, didn’t it?

All this for the sake of Eurovision and some parades? Really?

Tell that to the folks dying, or tending their wounds in the south!

I recall how appeasement was tried in 1938. That worked a treat didn’t it? Tell that to the Czechs and Slovaks, among many others. Was tried again by Trump with the Koreans and the Russians of late. Huge success, right? Korea is launching missiles again and Putin’s troops are in Venezuela.

It’s a very slippery slope we’re on, my friends. Very!

While Hamas is absorbing some tactical blows, strategically their position is constantly improving. And matters are in the hands of a Prime Minister, who’d, seemingly, rather concentrate on staying out of jail, than have to deal in a meaningful and effective way with a matter of overwhelmingly important national security.

My fearless prediction? The longer he waits, the worse it will get, the more Israeli – and even Palestinian –  blood it will cost to finally do what actually needs to be done in Gaza.

About the Author
Lived and worked over the decades in Sydney, London and Budapest. Happily settled in Vienna, family on four Continents. My heart is in and with Israel - the nation and the original idea, not any political party. A lifetime of professional journalism behind and, perhaps, ahead of me, both in the Jewish and mainstream media.