Tzemach Yehudah Richter
Tzemach Yehudah Richter

Meron, Mrs. Selma Bacher, the Chabad Rebbe & the number 120


Leah and I both watched with tears in our eyes as Selma Bacher’s funeral took place in Johannesburg on Monday. It was more difficult to see Selma’s family watching her coffin being lowered into her grave and then to hear Kaddish being said.

Her son Shaul posted a very touching tribute to his mother which reads as follows:

Baruch Dayan Haemes. HaShem has called one of his very best to come home. My Mom gave 48 years to educate children with the values of Torah and Mitzvohs. May her Neshomo go on high to that very special place she deserves.

Those Are Very Special And Meaningful Words

I can verify what Shaul said about his mother applied to not only her students but also all who were fortunate to be guests in her home, which includes my family. Normally you call a person by Mrs. or Mr. if you don’t feel close enough to them to say their first names. But it seems Selma and Koppel were happy to be addressed by their first names because they wanted us to feel part of their family, and this is exactly how we felt. So, I hope her family will excuse me if I refer to her as Selma and Rabbi Koppel as Koppel.

Immediately After The Meron Tragedy, Perhaps This Is Why Hashem Needed Selma Urgently “To Come Home”.

I can just picture Selma at her Shabbat table concerned that everyone felt comfortable and had enough to eat. That was never a problem because when we were invited for Shabbat and other occasions as well; I felt like I really was coming to a banquet.

And that is perhaps why Hashem urgently needed Selma to come home without delay. Selma was born in Brooklyn, and was very familiar with the needs of Americans as well as South Africans. Therefore, since some of those men and boys who perished at Meron were American and in the middle of their learning, Selma’s neshomo is most probably being put to good use “on high to that very special place she deserves”, as mentioned by son Shaul.

Selma And Koppel Visit The Lubavitcher Rebbe And Receive A Bracha For South Africa

In the following link, you will see Selma and Koppel receive a Bracha from the Rebbe that Moshiach is coming soon.  And to reassure the South African community that it will be good until he comes and better afterwards.

The Rebbe Would Be 120 Years Old Next Year If He Were Alive Today 

The Rebbe was born on April 18, 1902, in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. His Hebrew birthday is 11th Nissan. Therefore, Selma’s Yartzeit next year will be one month away from the Rebbe’s birthday. But since next year will be a leap year on the Hebrew calendar, we add Adar II.

Of course, her Yartzeit will be on 21 Iyar next year. But if we look ahead only 12 months which is normally the case, instead of 13, then Selma’s Yartzeit would come out on 21 Nissan, or the final day of Pesach. On that day, we read about the Splitting of the Sea and the destruction of Pharoah and his Army.

Is The Tragedy At Meron Hinting That Indeed Moshiach Is Coming Soon?

A plague was visited on Rabbi Akiva’s 24,000 students because they did not behave with proper respect for one another.  On the thirty-third day of the Omer count, the students stopped dying.

A human being is only expected to live 120 years, so the fact the Chabad Rebbe also would have reached this age by next year, suggests a very significant event or events will be taking place.

If we now can all work together to love our fellow Jew, then perhaps this will help eliminate all our enemies who still want us destroyed.

Hopefully, this tragedy in Meron will mark the end of our suffering and bring about the coming of Moshiach very soon which The Chabad Rebbe promised to Koppel and Selma.

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