Minimum wage update


On Dec 4, 2014 an agreement was signed by the Histadrut haklalit (general employee’s union) and the presidency of the business organizations, whereby the current minimum wage of 4,300 sh will be updated as follows:

In effect – New Amount
Starting Apr 1, 2015 thru Mar 31, 2016 = 4,650 sh
Starting Apr 1, 2016 thru Jun 30, 2016 = 4,650 sh or 47.5% of the average wage (the higher of the two)
Starting Jul 1, 2016 thru Dec 31, 2016 = 4,825 sh or the previous amount (Apr – Jun 2016) (the higher of the two)
From Jan 1, 2017 = 5,000 sh or 47.5% of the average wage (the higher of the two)

employeesThe minimum wage per hour and per day will also be updated accordingly.

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