Minne-Sota = Cloudy Waters And A Special Message To The Squa(d) Members

I stood at Yoni's graveside one year after the Entebbe raid. That is something I will never forget.

BS”D    .

Since standing at the graveside of Yoni Netanyahu when I first visited Israel one year after the Entebbe raid, I constantly think of the hurt and agony Bibi and his family must have suffered since that time. That is why for the second time in a row I want to lead my Blog with a picture of Yoni.

Please take a look at the meaning of the name Minnesota – The Land of Sky Blue Waters-

        Minnesota is named after the Minnesota River. The river got its name from the Sioux Indian word “Minisota.” That word comes from the words “minni,” meaning “water,” and “sotah,” meaning “sky-tinted” or “cloudy.” Therefore, Minnesota means “sky-tinted water” or “cloudy water.”

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Now that’s amazing and fits right into the decision regarding somebody who constantly says something against Bibi and Israel. But it should be crystal clear its going to be G-d who is really making the final decision about what happens in this whole history chapter. Because in the final analysis what we must all accept is that G-d is the creator and only he makes the final decisions.

And that is all played out in the Gemora of Sota, which talks about a woman who is suspected of having committed a sin with another man while being married.  The woman is brought before the High Priest by her husband and the Kohen Gadol takes, among other things, soil from the floor of the Sanctuary and mixes it with water and the woman is forced to drink. If she did not sin, nothing will happen to her, but if she sinned then the final result of her drinking those cloudy waters is that she will die. I am using this as it applies in Jewish law only as a hint of what would happen to a Jewish woman.

Maybe that is acceptable behavior in Muslim law, but her hiding of her marital status is not acceptable in US law especially for a US Congresswoman, and especially if it is discovered she entered the US via a sham marriage.

At the moment Notoriously B.I.G. questions hang over that somebody’s marriage and she is refusing to discuss it. But we must not worry, because soon the truth will all come out and if that somebody is guilty then her career as a Congresswoman from the State of “Cloudy Water” will most likely come to a swift and sudden end, if not sooner, then later. But her punishment will no doubt come.

It all ties in with her favorite song “It’s All About The Benjamins”. The name of the Album it appears on is “No Way Out”, and one of its main supporters is Notorious B.I.G. who made an album entitled Ready To Die. In my previous Blogs I mentioned the significance of the number 22.

Nazi editor Julius Streicher founded and published the virulently anti-Semitic newspaper Der Stürmer.   After 22 years of the paper’s founding he was hung at Nuremburg. He was a prominent member of the Nazi Party; It became a central element of the Nazi propaganda machine according to Wikipedia.

But THE NORTORIOUSLY BIG mistake that Omar made was to stand up in front of Congress and DEMAND the Impeachment of President Trump. Those words will come back to haunt her because as it says in the Megillah, Haman had prepared a rope to hang Haman and Haman himself was hung on that rope.

So as she had been doing from the time she has been in Congress, that someone who said something opened the door for the very same thing to happen to her as Haman. Only this time the plural of Haman is Hamas who she represents, meaning she is representing the second version of Haman. Those words which she spoke before Congress are going to most likely lead to her ouster sooner than later.

President Nixon was Impeached on August 9, 1974. And you will all remember that August 9, 1945 was the day the US dropped the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki. That ended the war because according to sources I have seen, the Japanese Emperor Hirohito informed his family three days later on August 12, 1945 he had decided to surrender.

August 12, 1997 was the day the song Its All In The Benjamins was released.

That was exactly 22 years from this year.

So we must all now see how this is all going to play out. And only G-d will make that decision.

And then we have this story-

BERLIN, Germany — German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Europeans to confront populism, nationalism, racism and anti-Semitism as she paid tribute to the Nazi resistance in her own country Saturday.

Speaking at a solemn ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of the failed attempt to kill Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, Merkel said the courage and sacrifice of the conspirator should serve as an example to people today.

“They put humanity over their own human lives,” she told the crowd at the site where plot leader Col. Claus von Stauffenberg and others were executed.

Von Stauffenberg tried to kill Hitler with a briefcase bomb on July 20, 1944, during a meeting at his headquarters in what was then East Prussia. Hitler escaped the full force of the blast when someone moved the briefcase next to a table leg, deflecting much of the explosive force.

The plot crumbled when news spread that Hitler had survived. Von Stauffenberg and his fellow plotters were executed within hours.

Merkel took the occasion to pay tribute to all who stood up against the Nazis in different ways, including people who hid Jews to save them from the death camps, the Jews who rose up in the Warsaw Ghetto to attack their Nazi captors in 1943, the Polish fighters of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising and other partisans who fought against the German occupiers and others. `

I heard Hitler hung Stauffenberg and his fellow plotters on meat hooks. So all you members of the Squad who accuse the US of running a concentration camp on the border, then you must be accusing President Trump of acting like the Nazi leader.

Omar called for the Impeachment of President Trump, and her call was ignored on the strength of a House Vote rejecting that idea.

Don’t all you Squad members think you all should consider yourselves lucky that President Trump did not round all of you up and punish you like the Nazi leader did to the group of plotters who almost were successful in killing the Nazi leader?

Think about that one.

Of course that would never happen in America, so as President Trump said, you all should consider yourselves lucky to be where you are today.

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