Miserable, Hypocrite West (and We)

I suppose that most of my readers are Westerners, do not speak Arabic and probably are not really familiar with Arab culture. I hope I am wrong but I doubt it. So, for the sake of those, and even for some of my Arab readers, I want to start this post with two Arabic proverbs. First proverb says, “a nude (person) who chases a naked (عريان طارد مْشَلّح)”. If we ignore the sexual connotations of nudity, it is very identical to nakedness. It is used to describe two persons with the same misery that each one thinks he is better than the other. The second goes “he who does not see through the sifter circle, is blind (إللي ما بشوف من طارة الغربال اعمى)”. Traditional sifter circle is around one meter in diameter. This proverb is used to describe someone who does not notice or pretends not to notice a huge thing. Both proverbs are in spoken Arabic of Wadi Ara region (where I live), not classical or official Arabic.

“The Leader of The Free World” they name the USA. There is no greater lie than this in modern history. If we test the role of the USA in all international conflicts, we will find out the ultimate sad and horrific truth: the USA had created and fueled most of them, and for the rest, just pumped insane amounts of weapons to keep these conflicts bleeding. The USA is actually the ultimate empire of evil. But for our great sorrow and devastation, this empire of evil is the world leader.

The presidential elections campaigns are gaining momentum. Poor world, miserable humanity. The two candidates that has practical chances to win these elections are awful, and one of these very two men will determine the future and the fate of humanity. One of them is stupid, arrogant and loves brutal dictators according to one of his closest partners in past, and his competitors in the present, Nikki Haley. He is verbally violent, brought Nazis into the Republican party, and some of his strongest, fiercest supporters are holocaust-denying neo-Nazis. His rival is seemingly going through rapid mental deterioration. Megyn Kelly (who is absolutely not my “plate of Knafeh”) and her likes are rejoicing, but Karl Rove is also right when he says, “we can’t unhear what we heard”. The decomposition of the president memory is not highlighted just by his domestic political opponents, but all over the world. It is much worse than “a nude who chases a naked”, and it could be “all American issue”, but one of these two men will determine our fate. Poor world, miserable humanity.

One of the funniest-sadist developments that the present war brought up is the “Settler Violence”. All of a sudden America and Europe “discovered” that Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank are violent. Well, I can’t even say “too late, too little”. This is pure hypocrisy. These settlers were, are and will ALWAYS be violent, and their violence is practiced on daily basis. See “regular” reports of human rights organizations such as B’Tselem and Yesh-Din. Their violence was always supported by the Israeli governments and ignored or supported by the Israeli army. But the present war brought this violence to catastrophic magnitude: it is ethnic cleansing. While the Israeli public opinion is focused on the war in Gaza and on the Northern border, settlers seize this opportunity to bring total devastation and horror to the Palestinian society in the occupied West Bank. It is not just foreign media, but also local media brings up shocking facts about this terroristic violence.

Until now, the USA and Europe refused to “see through the sifter circle” and chose to be blind. Here is a small reminder of this terror in past. But even now, the ridiculously low numbers of violent settlers that USA and Europe are “banning”, will not have any influence on the mass violence of the settlers. Tens of thousands of settlers and their institutions must be banned.

Finally, thinking this violence over, I remember another Arabic proverb. If Arabs themselves, in Israel, in the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Authority and all Arab countries are not investing efforts and money in stopping this violent terror, why would the USA and Europe do that? Indeed, “only native oxen plow the land (ما بحرث الأرض إلا عجولها)”.

About the Author
Dr Abed L. Azab was born and lives now with his family in A’ra, Israel. He completed his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is an educator, teacher, social activist and column writer.
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