Modern acts of kindness you must practise

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“There are bright places even in dark times. And that even if there isn’t, you can be that bright place, with infinite capacities” reads Violet in the heart-breaking ending of All the Bright Places, and 2020 drama film on Netflix.

Kindness has a reputation of meaning someone is naïve or week but more often than not, it requires courage and strength to enable the act. It is also one of those special qualities that affect both, the user and the experiencer thus creating a ripple effect of goodness, better mental health, and overall wellbeing. Something that the world is in dire need of.

Awe inspired by the movie and my personal mission to build a positopian world, here are some new ways you could practice acts of kindness in your own backyard.

  • Acknowledge texts/ emails

That being said, I understand your argument of handling large quantities. As ordinary as it may seem on the outside, replying to texts implies concern and respect. Sure, everyone has a different idea of texting etiquette. But it doesn’t hurt to reply and reduce the stress of awaiting a reply.

A man replying to an email
  • Make/ give way

Remember that time when you were late for an interview and someone helped you cut the metro line to get ahead? Yes, that!

If you grew up in a big city like me, you’ll know how much of a difference it makes when a stranger lets you pass when in a hurry. If you’ve time on your side on a certain day, let loose and allow another to buy time from you. No doubt, a sense of community is instilled in the moment too.

  • Suggest food or music

Agree or not, it’s a love language. As more of us switch to digital devices to express love; sharing recipes, playlists and favorites only symbolize a deep sense of admiration and care for the other. Just like Mark twain said, Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and blind can see. Food and music suggestions go beyond regular words of advice, they’re like the new age windows to the soul.

  • Break free from stereotypical roles

Life is complex and sometimes you’re putting pressure on people in ways unknown. By acknowledging struggle and responding with empathy and consideration, you send out a wave of healing. Simple examples could be making breakfast a few times a week to reduce the load on your wife or budgeting and accounting your finances to ease the burden off your father.

  • Self-kindness

A large part of kindness also includes being kind to yourself. On days when everything around gets overwhelming, step back and do something for yourself. Do not beat yourself up for missing a workout, you’re doing your very best!

  • Donate

Donate on your birthday, donate when you have enough or donate for no reason at all. Charity usually opens your eyes to a world far beyond yourself.  It never gets old and the good Samaritan always gets her blessings!

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