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‘Monica’s Chanukah, and More’ by Rita Fidler Dorn—A Book Review Put To Verse

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Author, Rita Dorn, asks her readers in “Monica’s Chanukah, & More” to write a Chanukah poem.

Rita’s book even gives the kids a blank page to write the poem on.

Well here’s my review in verse.

“Monica’s Chanukah, & More” will make you kvell

So why don’t you buy it and sit for a spell

It’s a book as sweet as donut jelly

dripping off your fingers onto your belly

It’s a book chock-full-of recipes

But it wasn’t written by the Maccabees.

Rather a college professor wrote this story

about Monica and all her glory

As Monica celebrates the Festival of Lights

Rita takes this tale to new heights

Joyous illustrations by Hafsa Pinar

Are great to view after dinner

As mothers in the kitchen do toil

I smell lotsa latkes frying in oil

In the dining room the children devour their gelt

I take the time to loosen my belt

Rita your book is a joy and a delight

So I’m going to read it again tonight

“Monica’s Chanukah, & More” is available in paperback or on Kindle and can be bought on Amazon and Google Books

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