Yocheved Rappoport

More a Human Being

Looms large
In my front yard
Fibrous roots
Branches gnarled.

Lady liberty
With outstretched arms
To weary hearts
A soothing balm.

Offers calm
A steady presence
Empowering image
Enduring essence.

She’s loyal, my tree
Bears witness to me
Partner in silence
To my history.

And when I’m running
When I go, go, go
She says
Stay for a minute
Take it slow.

She invites me
To pause
Take a breath
It’s in stillness
She says
Where we meet ourselves.

Return to what you are.

Be more
A human being
Than you are
A human doing.

About the Author
Yocheved Rappoport, MHC, is passionate about serving her community as a Mental Health Counselor and lives with her children in Monsey, NY.
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