More Whys

A line from a song that  I was playing  as I was  returning from out of town.

“The sky is crying

can’t you see the tears rolling down the street”

This tragedy hit.

The Lion Of Zion murdered.

I was struck with such a range of emotions as I’m sure many;

Disbelief,  sadness, and now anger  and frustration and this intense desire to be with my nation in their incredible display of Unity and deep respect.

Many  were connected to Ari Fuld  ztl

I grew up with  some members of the  Fuld family  in  the states, and have many friends who  were either related,  good friends, or proudly  connected somehow.

But even if we did not know Ari Fuld directly . we were all connected. Every one of us.

He was that voice on our  news feed that we  relied on, that we looked for, that strengthened us, that encouraged us.

He was our connect.

He was the bridge .

He had a voice, and a murderer will not quell his voice.

WE will carry that voice.

The nation and people that he loved.

the final verse from  a personal song:


“kiss the sky

kiss the sky

ask your whys

ask your whys

ask more whys   More whys

but where am I

where am I….where am I..”

Ari Fuld  was a man of positivity, a man of life.

He knew exactly where he was and wanted you to be there with him.

May his family be comforted and may he rest in peace.

May  this year bring a path  of light, justice, passion, and hopes

About the Author
I was an interior designer for 25 years and had a parallel path in leadership in the Baltimore Jewish community. I spent a fair number of years as a proud lay leader in an amazing outreach organization called Shoresh . I am involved in leadership and development ,mentoring ,and coaching.. I am dedicated to the Jewish community both here and in Israel ,and am involved in all things Israel, primarily from an educational perspective. I have a passion for writing and blogging, and have a cooking blog called : The Spirited Cuisine ,and am launching my leadership site: Leadership trends360 llc I just developed a new project supported by the CJE,, Macks Center of Education as part of the Associated Baltimore Jewish Federation, and with support from the IAC , Israel action committee.. It is called C~3/ Shishi Israeli . Coffee .Cooking.Conversation. Connecting Israelis and Americans within the community for experiential gatherings to journey through Israel via food, wine, conversation, poetry, and more. I am about to launch a unique design site, that will connect Israel and the USA. At the end of the day, my roots in Israel are very deep. It is the place, the hub the center,The conversation. And I most enjoy inspiring and cultivating that love and connection in others .
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