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We should all be screaming in indignation for Ari

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The alternate feelings of helplessness and fury threatened to overwhelm me today after reading the latest report from JNS, detailing how the Palestinian Authority has doubled the ‘pay-for-slay’ stipend to Khalil Jabarin, the then 16 year old murderer of Israeli-American father of four Ari Fuld in September 2018.

The tears ultimately won.

Ari was my gap year rabbi, my mentor, almost like a beloved uncle to me. He was beloved, respected and admired by so many – Jews, Christians and Arabs alike.

His murder five years ago came as a massive shock. My mother still remembers the gutteral scream I emitted at hearing the news.

Yet, justice has still not been served for Ari and his family. 

Far from it, as although Jabarin is serving a life sentence in an Israeli prison, this cowardly ‘piece of garbage’ (as Ari’s strong, wonderful daughter Tamar put it in her eulogy)is being sustained by the shekels of blood money from the PA, cushioning him and his family for the rest of their lives.

He who didn’t even have the gall to face his opponent and is a reflection of what and who we’re really up against – an ideology that will always embrace death over life. An enemy, an Amalekite who creeps up like a coward behind a man to stab him savagely in the back.

Even with blood flowing down his back, Ari chased after the teen and fatally shot him before anyone else could be stabbed. It was an action Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu called heroic.

Ari was rushed to a hospital, but his injuries were too much and he soon succumbed to them.

Yet his killer, Jabarin is being rewarded by the PA and ultimately, Biden’s administration who help fund this despicable scheme. 

As reported by the JNS, “Yesterday, the Palestinian Authority doubled the monthly salary it pays the terrorist murderer of Ari Fuld, [of blessed memory], from $522 to $1,044,” Israeli attorney Maurice Hirsch announced on Monday, noting that the P.A. has already paid Jabarin $25,726.

“The P.A.’s pay for slay policy incentivizes terror & rewards terrorists,” Hirsch wrote on X (formerly Twitter), asking: “Why are the U.S. & E.U. helping the P.A. to reward terrorists & Jew-murderers?”

Shortly before Fuld’s murder, Congress passed the Taylor Force Act, named for an American Army veteran who was visiting Israel as a graduate student and was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist in Jaffa, barring U.S. funding to the P.A. as long as it continues its “pay for slay policy.”

However, aid continues to flow, like the blood down Ari’s back that day, despite the U.S. State Department acknowledging that the P.A. has not terminated payments for acts of terrorism against Israeli and U.S. citizens.

Let me reiterate. The Palestinian Martyr’s Fund literally gives money and other incentives to terrorists who kill Jewish people and innocent civilians. Martyr’s Fund payments generally include a lifelong monthly stipend and pension, free tuition, free health insurance, and a lifelong clothing allowance.

How can this be? How can this continue? What can we do to stop it? 

As Hillel Fuld put it, in his powerful Facebook post on Monday, the number one lesson ‘from 5 years since my older brother Ari was tragically murdered by a 16 year Islamic terrorist’ is:

‘1- Our enemies’ poisonous hatred knows no bounds and if you think there is even the smallest possibility of peace with our neighbors, you haven’t seen their curriculum. 

Their most popular chant is “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” Allow me to translate that for you. They want Israel and all its citizens wiped off the map. Period. 

Any other narrative is a pure lie. When people tell you their intentions, maybe you should listen to them.’ 

Depressing certainly but number 10 gives some hope –

’10- The Internet, and specifically social media can be a dangerous tool if abused, but if used for good, can be the most powerful megaphone the world has ever known. 

At the push of a button, without any sophisticated cameras or microphones, we all have the ability at our fingertips, to change the world. 

That’s all.’

This much is true. In the over two years since I started doing advocacy, the hate filled messages and harassment has flooded in from angry antisemites who resent a proud Jewish woman speaking out against the abuse Jews go through for merely existing in this world. They will stop at nothing to try and shut me up. Alas they have failed and will continue to fail.

However, the positive messages I’ve received, although fewer, have meant the world.

They are the world.

In fact, one person I’ve managed to impact is a whole world in themselves.

These are people who from my advocacy feel inspired to live as proud Jews, to advocate for our one tiny Jewish country, to combat the lies told about Israel and most of all, never ever be silent. ‘People love dead Jews’, as Dara Horn so succinctly puts it in her best selling book.  

A despicable terrorist may have taken Ari from us but he will never take away all of our lives, our voices, continuing Ari’s legacy. Warriors on his behalf, shouting truth. We can’t and won’t stop,  because thanks to Al Jazeera and other propagandists, the world is constantly being convinced into thinking ‘Zionist’, aka Jewish genocide is moral and justified.

Each and every one of us can make an impact and change lives.

Please – I implore you to sign and share this petition created by CBN’s Faith In Action.

For Ari.

Because we should all be screaming in indignation for Ari.

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