Alas we have m.o.v.e.d

Because we have moved

this feels rather soothed:

Moving means changing –

Engaging – Arranging

Unpacking, unclogging,

–finding the sockets,

old toasters!

new storage;

I like getting used to our candy-coal


new lighting, new traffic, slightly chewed flooring,

Brand babies upstairs, new neighbours


their door code

turned out to be mightyy-

4567 – boring.


Our new house is old,

But damn, we were sold,

It’s creepy and leaky, and dusty, and musty,

And moody-

A foodie!

A clandescent piece of

dat fruity booty


–We took here a taxi –

with Cactus and Bush

and holding them firmly –

in motherly tush, we wave some goodbyes: to Jaffa, to stores,

those sandy, secluded, glistening shores.

With noses on glass

our eyes found trespassing:

the lights keep on passing,

we watch them


Cactus just listens.


            swish ela swosh


It soon though transpired,

(prepare now, respire)

that our taxi chap

belonged to a cult.

He spoke of theology: knowledge he’d found in depths of cosmology-

I look down to Cactus,

wink slyly at Bush

and holding them tightly

speak high on some kush:

“Hmm Scientology, a peculiar “ology”

– perhaps

We’ll just stick- to-?


– – – –

We bled so much money.

–  –  –   –

One day, Obrother,

I’ll sculpt you a bunny.

Or maybe

this Easter- I’ll hire a choir! – Their name shalt be ‘Squire’

—they’ll belt and acquire –

screeching like wire,

swiftly retire…

prior to setting –  –

Gaza on fire

So Darling Jaffa,

see you sometime,

our place here together

was indeed sublime,

but changing is good

–changing is food:

Change germinates

from ashes and dust –

a soil of grievance,

hatred and lust.

Change is a Phoenix, flamboyantly rude,

brightly acute, sparkling,


it gives little leeway

and lives in those boots-

so damaged –

that crazy torn savage,

-always re-born,

-never un-managed.


Thuss precious reader,

stay un-behooved,

stay on the move,

shift and re-shape,




About the Author
Anna Wozniak lives in Tel Aviv. Sometimes, she goes outside. Sometimes, she writes about it. Some. Times.