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Mullah’s regime in Iran is the loser of this war

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In the end, the actions tonight by the Iranian regime showed that it is not a rational actor on the global stage. Since 1979, most of the ruling and occupying mullahs in Iran have been theatrical, always needing the stage of mourning to claim they are on the side of right and truth, and the rest of humanity and the world are wrong.

This self-centered and delusional thinking, supported by terrorism, has continued Iran’s crimes for 45 years. Perhaps one day, after the collapse, a museum similar to the Holocaust can be established just to expose the crimes of the ruling mullahs in Iran, so that civilized humanity of the 21st century and beyond can become acquainted with these harmful and destructive creatures.

When October 7th happened, a huge group of global media lined up in support of the criminal regime of the Islamic Republic and immediately raised voices of denial and justification, claiming that Tehran’s proxy terrorist forces do not strictly follow orders. But it didn’t take long before all the terrorists around the world were obeying Khamenei’s command for the next move. Khamenei, who had promised the destruction of Israel just days before “Black Shabbat,” quickly scurried into a hole and then shakily stated that it wasn’t them and they do not want war, etc.

The events passed, and the world watched the audacity and crimes of the Islamic Republic’s mullahs, which had rallied proxy terrorist groups – such as Hezbollah, Hamas, the Houthis, and the Popular Mobilization Forces, etc. – against Israel. And on April 1st, 2024, Israel eliminated one of the architects of Hamas’s crimes, Mohammadreza Zahedi, in a building next to the Iranian Consulate, which was a meeting place for the terrorist commanders of the Revolutionary Guards and Quds Force. Yet again, the same media mafia affiliated with the Islamic Republic called it Iranian soil.

In less than 2 weeks, on April 13th, the Islamic Republic, with lots of empty threats and slogans, launched long-range missiles from various cities within Iran, mostly from the border area, towards Israel. Initially, Europe and America did not take it seriously and thought that the Islamic Republic was a rational actor, but Khamenei’s treacherous, criminal, crisis-inducing, and warmongering policies remained unaddressed.

A wave of fear, hatred, and protest has engulfed Iran. The people of Iran recognize this regime as an occupying regime that has only one mission: to expand poverty and destruction in Iran. And indeed, this war is not between the people of Iran and the people of Israel. It is a mad war of a wild mullah who supports the destructive thinking of Khomeinism. And the Islamic Republic is different from the people of Iran.

But for history, it must be written that the mullahs initiated this devastating and destructive war. They always provoked Saddam Hussein to fire against Iran. The policies of the Islamic Republic are tense, provocative, and harmful.

Interestingly, the White House did not show a swift and principled response either. President Biden merely said, “Don’t,” not knowing that the wild and bloodthirsty mullah has not reached a degree of civilization, decency, ethics, and awareness to understand that word from Biden. The Islamic Republic even stated that the Revolutionary Guards have threatened the U.S. that if it intervenes, American forces would be killed. Some countries supporting the Islamic Republic also host American forces, such as Qatar and Kuwait, which have bought the infamy and degradation of accompanying the Islamic Republic.

Naturally, Israel will respond, and the response of Israel will not be against the people and interests of the Iranian nation but will likely target the missile and nuclear facilities and drones of the Revolutionary Guards, and possibly eliminate terrorist officials like Qaani and Hajizadeh who ordered the missile attack on Israel tonight. And then, the Islamic Republic will play the role of a crying lamb looking for a shepherd to protect it.

Now, IRGC’s attack was somewhat suicidal and created the conditions that Israel has been seeking for years, and now Israel has the opportunity to strike at the head of the snake in Tehran.

The mullahs still do not understand the consequences of this madness and are only fascinated by chaos and spectacle. The regime’s supporters, who came out to the streets tonight to celebrate, do not realize the dire fate awaiting them, and the war and fireworks, what consequences it will have for the dark-faced, suffering, and worried people of Iran who have lived 8 years in the shadow of war. The situation of the people in Iran is sad, and they are being held hostage by an occupying regime.

And the Islamic Republic initiated this destructive, devastating, and murderous war. It gave Israel an excuse to necessarily attack Iran’s nuclear, missile, and drone facilities for its own survival, because a mullah with a nuclear bomb is far more dangerous. After four decades of verbal conflict, scattered but continuous proxy wars, the Islamic Republic has officially dragged Iran into a full-scale direct war, and from tomorrow morning, we will see a different Iran.

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But the only solution to the crisis may not be political preparation meetings; the best, fastest, cheapest, and most effective response is to support regime change and leadership by the only legitimate, influential, well-recognized, and democratic Iranian leader – Prince Reza Pahlavi – otherwise, a bloodbath awaits. With the collapse of the regime of oppression, ignorance, and madness, the Shiite crescent and the transnational terrorist network will disappear, and the delusion of destroying Israel will also vanish. And as long as the mullahs exist, the Middle East will always witness these crimes.

The Islamic Republic, with its incitements and propaganda and military terrorist commanders, wants to tell the world that supporting October 7th, managing proxy groups, and launching missile attacks from inside Iran does not matter, but the only thing that is important and undeniable are the delusions and resentments of an unintelligible, spiteful, and vindictive mullah like 84-year-old Khamenei, who in his delusions plays the role of a victorious person. After 4 decades of verbal disputes and proxy conflicts, the Islamic Republic has officially entered Iran into a destructive full-scale direct war, and from tomorrow morning, we will witness a different Iran.


The points describing the consequences and lessons from Iran’s attack on Israel:

1. The 45-year Cold War between Iran and Israel has escalated into a direct conflict, marking a significant shift in their long-standing adversarial relationship.

2. The recent developments dramatically redefine the constraints of deterrence and defense strategies, indicating a potential overhaul in regional security paradigms.

3. The military capabilities of Iran’s regime are now under severe scrutiny, with their effectiveness and resilience being critically evaluated.

4. The repercussions of launching military attacks from Iranian territory are now manifesting in heightened costs and geopolitical consequences.

5. Iran’s extensive propaganda network is likely to intensify its efforts to shape perceptions within Muslim Arab communities, framing the conflict in terms favorable to Tehran.

6. Iran’s influence in Middle Eastern affairs is waning and faces formidable challenges; the nation risks greater isolation than previously experienced.

7. The internal dynamics within Iran are expected to mirror the turbulence observed in its foreign policy, potentially leading to increased domestic instability.

8. Iran continues to preserve the operational capabilities of its terrorist proxy forces, maintaining their readiness for potential future confrontations against Israel.

9. In response to escalating threats, Israel is anticipated to shift from a defensive posture to a more offensive strategy, specifically targeting Iranian nuclear facilities, regardless of Iran’s announcements concerning its nuclear capabilities.

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