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Multinational HanuChristmas Celebrations in Israel

December at Magdala photo David Delgado
December at Magdala photo David Delgado

After two years of mostly staying at home, the holiday season is approaching in full gear with Hanukkah and Christmas celebrations continuing all the way to mid January.  Here are some of the events planned through the country.


This year the city of Nazareth is celebrating the biggest Christmas event in Israel. The festive events this year in Nazareth last 60 days starting from 15.11.2022 until 15.01.2023 and will be spread over several centers in the city.

The city is decorated with thousands of lights and the Christmas experience will include the lighting of the Christmas tree in the center of St. Anton and colourful Christmas markets throughout the city and in hotels. In addition, there will be a Christmas procession, food fairs and a variety of unique music and cultural performances in churches and halls, such as the fourth liturgical festival – six concerts, three churches and over 100 international musicians.

Throughout the period there will be authentic tours of folklore, cuisine, architecture and more led by 150 professional guides.

Full details about the multitude of planned events, the tours and places to stay and park on the Nazareth tourism website:

Christmas market at Golden Crown Hotel Nazareth

The Christmas Market at Golden Crown hotel Nazareth will include performances, booths, games, food booths, photo booth, Santa Claus, etc.

Dates: 7-11.12.22 and also 14-18.12.22 between 5-10 pm

Prices: 40 NIS for an adult, 25 NIS for a child

Big Fashion Nazareth Mall

At the Big Fashion Nazareth mall, Christmas is celebrated with illuminated decorations, a Christmas market with a selection of holiday treats and Santa Claus handing out gifts to children. The entrance is free of charge.

In the mall there will be performances by a band and street artists, artistic performances, laser shows, creative workshops in the holiday atmosphere and also Santa Claus himself walks through the mall, leads processions, distributes gifts to children, dances and celebrates with them singing holiday songs.

Santa Claus procession in the mall – 10.12, 17.12, 22.12, 23.12, 24.12

Fair booths – 2-24.12

Band show – 17.12, 24.12

Street artists – 17.12, 23.12, 24.12

Christmas at Big Fashion Mall, photo courtesy

The holiday of holidays in Haifa

The holiday festival of the holidays, initiated by Beit Hagafen and the Haifa municipality, returns to mark the month of holidays of the three religions for the 29th time. It is a celebration of common life and a commonplace, rich and colorful culture. As per the best tradition, the public is invited to tour the illuminated streets and enjoy fine culture, Haifa art, a family complex and activities for children and the entire family, theater performances, music and dance in halls, churches and outdoors, familiar and new tours, meetings, opening of new exhibitions and festive Hanuchristmas fairs in Beit Hagafen and Louis Promenade.

What changed this December? There will be art exhibitions by Jewish and Palestinian artists. New tours alongside the well-known tours. In honor of the festival, an interactive game will be launched (in a new app) of various tracks throughout Haifa, for the whole family – see PlayCo.Haifa

On all weekends, a host of original performances in festive premiere performances at the festival. Special events including workshops, the screening of the award-winning film “Cinema Sabaiyya” and a talk by the director, a festive solo show by the singer Violat Salama, as well as Hanukkah celebrations, Novy God, a festive screening of the World Cup finals and more.

8-10 | 15-18 | 22-25 | December 2022 in Beit Hagafen and throughout Haifa

Hanuchrismas at Magdala

Magdala Hotel, a center of Christianity and connection between cultures at the Sea of Galilee, is wearing holiday. A huge Christmas tree was placed in the center of the lobby facing the magical view of the Sea of ​​Galilee, the hotel and its surroundings are decorated with holiday symbols. The holiday of Hanukkah will also be celebrated in the atmosphere of ‘Hanuchristmas’ with light and musical content. Three unique concerts by the Israeli Alma Vocals Ensemble and a special concert to mark the 200th anniversary of Brazil’s independence with a wide and special composition of the Phoenix Ensemble and the Madrigal singers. The concerts will be held at different locations in the hotel during the month of December:

Love limitless Looks 2.12 08:30pm, Brazil: The Imperial Composer 10.12 12:00pm, Trip for Christmas 16.12 16:30, Hanu-Christmas 23.12 16:30.

For information:

Magdala hotel:

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