David Rosenthal
David Rosenthal

Murphy’s Law

Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong” is not just what the most pessimistic person would say, it is a law of physics, formulated in 1949 by Edward Aloysius Murphy Jr, a US Air Force captain and aerospace engineer who worked on the US space programme. “Ed” (as his friends called him) discovered that mechanics had miswired the electrodes of a harness to measure the acceleration and deceleration reactions of US Air Force pilots. This is why he said accurately: “If there is any way they can do it wrong, they will do it wrong”, and this gave rise to the most popular phrase.

Murphy’s empirical principle can be used in different fields of society, and in turn in the everyday life of every individual.

But what is this Murphy’s law, that everything can get worse? Ultimately, nothing is a coincidence, and from this point of view, everything happens because it has to happen, even if it seems strange, bad, unusual, inhuman even, everything is the consequence or the result of predetermined or preconceived actions.

We live in opposite worlds, perhaps, but that’s the way it has to be. We do things we don’t understand sometimes, we take risks or we don’t, but always the result is unique, it is personal, it is subjective.

Falling in love at the wrong time seems like a catastrophe, until we realise how important it is for the future. Meeting someone just at the moment when everything is impossible, to realise that it was the right place, the right time, the right state.

If everything has an explanation, here it is: everything is going to happen because it is going to happen. However, we doubt, we become pensive, we are outlaws of destiny, and it is not like that, we are destiny itself.

For the Greeks, force was destiny, the engine of the surrogate, in the end everything is ethereal and insignificant. Well, Murphy’s laws are all of them, pessimistic or not, everyone will fall into some collateral effect of the law. The law of the unknown. Now, the inevitable cannot be avoided, for its nature is; though ephemeral, it is predestined.

Whatever is going to happen, will happen. That is the law of nature, it is not difficult to understand, that what is created has an end, which makes everything we know finite and unlimited. Life is guaranteed to die.

Indeed, that something happens as a negative response to an unforeseen situation leads to the same finality. But it is not unrelated to reality, and that it turns out badly is only an illusion of a previously unpredictable, but now revealed, assumption. So, while we live under apparent forms of Murphy’s law, the reality is that, from the inexorable “it will go wrong”, it may actually go right, because if it happens, it happens, and when it happens, it happens. It’s so cliché, it seems somewhere between epic and current.

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